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New System w/ cool custom stuff. *PICS- 56k = death*


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June 10, 2001
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01 XLT
Well, I finally gave my system a complete REVAMP. The old system was nice but about 2 years old. This new system runs circles around it.!
Heres a quick system diagram:

There is a full write up on my homepage w/ reviews and lots of pics of Everything!. Check that out as that im gonna post all the PICS here in the thread nor am i gonna write about all the components and install in detail here. :)

Alpine 9815 HU

Here is the sub box:

The Neons Lit Up:

Some of the nice details put into the vinyl work:

Amp Rack:
Notice the Alpine and RF logos on the box top

All lit up:

Tweeter Pods:
Mounted in the side window defroster location. Vinyled and made of masonite.

Cross Over Mounting:

Optima Yellow Top:

Well Let Me know what yall think.

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Nice looking Install Man!!

damn, nice work man. I love the lighting on your box

Very nice! Excelent Install...Great job!

Did you install it or have it installed?

it was a joint effort between me and the a local shop.
I worked closely with one of the installers in the design process and was pretty much at the install shop each day working with the installer coming up with all the neat little touches.
But as for running the wires and building the box and applying the vinyl.. that was the shops work. I dont have the room in my garage or the time (skill too?.. maybe) to do that sorta vinyl work and such. But i was always offering input and ideas and such.

So its not like i just took my car to a shop, dropped if off and came back a week later and gave them money.

Its funny tho, i love doing this sorta stuff.. yea running wire is kinda tedious.. but as for building sub boxes and doing cool lighting and stuff - ive helped several friends build that sorta thing. I guess when it comes to my car.. i like it handled by an EXPERT hehe.

I was just about to say the same thing.
That looks excellent. GREAT job.

so how much did that whole setup set ya back?

Impressive on the amp rack setup.. Love the alpine... but I'm biased, as I've been running their products for years. Only thing i woulda done different is had kick panels fabed up. My opinion is they sound better. They take up some space, sure but i think the improved sound is well worth it. Overall the system looks sharp!


Dude, i just finished my install with on R12 and it's crazy loud, your install's gotta totally rock.

Originally posted by liv2surf34
so how much did that whole setup set ya back?

ALOT :) about 4g's with the install and custom work.

FR2212 - i love the alpine stuff too. Ive owned eclipse decks in the past and they were awesome too. But Alpine and Eclipse are both up there with the sound quality on the decks they make.
I went with diamond audio speakers tho. The HEX components up front are some of the most natural sounding speakers ive listened to. I find Focals and MBquartz to be too harsh for my ears.

expl0der8 Yeah the 2 R 12's hit amazing well, especially considering they are in a sealed box. But i am feedin them 550 watts a peice so they are well powerd :)

Thanks for all the kind words y'all.

Does where you mounted those tweeters interfeer with any defrosting?? I never really knew what those were, does air actually come out??

dude your system is so awesome...everything seems like it was well put together and thought out...also, i know this is kinda random but where did u find those brackets to mount your flashlight in the rear?

UNREALERthe only time ive ever felt air come out of those (before they were plugged up of course) was witht he defroster on at full power.. Never felt anything come out at any low or medium power settings.
I havnt had any problems yet.. but winter isnt here yet.. so ill have to see. Ive never seen my side windows fog up- thus never have needed to turn on the defroster to defrost them..the only window that fogs on me is the rear the front .. never the side windows.
I dont suspect it will be a problem.

If it is.. im hosed, cuz the tweeters are soo large they wont fit anywhere except where they are.. or in the door itself.. they dont fit on the A-pillar

blueXPLO' Thanks.. I got the mounts for my Mag-lite at a store called GI-Joes.. its like an outdoor/sports/automotive store. They are numerous here on the westcoast.. But the mounts are made by MAG-LITE and u can buy them on maglites site.. u can even get them at Wal-mart and places like that too.

ok cool....i just bought my mag after i came back from wheelin last friday night...realized what a necessity it was to have one while on the trails in the dark..i actually bought mine at wall mart and didnt see those brackets there...guess i'll go back and look a little harder..thanks though

it really does look great.

however, i disagree with alpine and eclipse in the same breath. alpine is fine (well better than fine) but in no way is their signal on a level with eclipse.

i really like what you did with the crossovers! too bad that doesn't work since i have kickpanels.

Originally posted by AnabolicFrolic
ALOT :) about 4g's with the install and custom work.

:eek: That's a lot of gas money!

Very nice install, man! It goes well with your already awesome truck. Thanks for the warning about the dial up killer. I had to wait to go to work to see this. :D

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