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New tails installed!!!


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February 22, 2007
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2015 Ford Explorer Sport
We....I got my birthday present...'06-'08 tails....and got them installed. Little more changing stuff than I though but well worth it. I had to change over 2 mounting tabs on each side, change to a new style reverse light socket and add the 3rd socket to each side. Also all the bulbs for '06-'08 Explorers are different so had to buy all new bulbs. I spiced the top light socket (running light-194 bulb) into the parking light wire for the bottom socket using heat shrink butt connectors and then changed over the reverse light socket using the same connectors. Then after all was done I went to mount then the the mounting screws are different so found 2 misc. screws to hold them in untill I could get the right ones from Ford. Sorry about the cell pictures..tried different angles to get rid of the glare. That should be all the mods I'll do untill I get my hood painted and the '04 Mustang GT hood scoop painted and mounted in July. Lemme know what ya think of the lights.


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i can't see them on my computer i dunno why i think its cause i got the new windows internet explorer. I wish i could of seen the pics it just shows the x's on them and no pics and i click show pic and nothing shows up.

that's the same way it is on mine and i also have IE 8. hopefully they'll do some kinda upgrade to the site that allows me to view them...I only have problems on this site.

Son of a monkey's butt. My computer crashed the other day so I reinstalled the software and then updated everything. Now I can't view the pictures:( You should post them onto your photobucket account. I am sure they look good. Now get the freaking scoop on!!!!! :)

scoop will be on in after that's on not much more for looks i wanna do so i'll post pics on my photobucket account then.

Looks good man... however I find it makes the rear look more narrow for some weird reason... maybe it is just playing tricks on my eyes.

I cant view them on my computer but I imagine they look good lol

Looks good man... however I find it makes the rear look more narrow for some weird reason... maybe it is just playing tricks on my eyes.

I agree, looks like a newer body style though.

Very cool! I wanted to do that when I got my 4th gen mirrors, but I read that it wasn't plug and play and got discouraged, besides I don't have money to play right now
BTW how did you manage to get 672 exgirlfriends?? LOL

Where did you find your 4th Gen Tails at? I've looked around and I have yet to find a set.