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New Tint, LED conversion


March 3, 2014
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Las Vegas, NV
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2014 Ford Explorer Sport
New Tint, LED conversion **BLACK EMBLEM & MORE LED**

Mods done
- 60% Windshield
- 5% Driver/Pass Windows
- 5% added to rear five windows
- Turn signal vinyl overlay
- LED Reverse Lights
- LED Interior Swap (minus cargo :-/)
- DDM Tuning 6000K Headlight HID Kit (EnRoute)
- DDM Tuning 6000K Fog Light HID Kit (EnRoute)

Let me know what you think...

** NEW PICS **










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Looks good! BTW, you shouldn't give up on the cargo light, it's really not that hard, and then you have LED everywhere inside :)

In WV, the side driver and passenger glass must let in 35% light to be considered legal. The back windows must allow in 35% of the light. On Windshield the top 5" can have a non-reflective tint.

It appears your car would not meet these requirements, and I would hate to have a WV State Trooper pull me over and not be able to see what I'm doing in the car.

Looks nice!! I just had my windows tinted.

Secondlook, I would guess that your tinting of the windshield makes it illegal in Arizona. Arizona Window Tint Laws (1994) state; Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line. That is only a small area near the top of the windshield. For front side windows; Must allow more than 33% of light in. For rear side windows and rear window; Any darkness can be used.
Don't forget that the tinting of any window also reduces the visiblity when looking out from the vehicle, especially at night.


Assumming you tinted the winshield due to the heat in Az,
was solar tint available instead of 'dark' tint?

I have read that solar tint can reduce cabin heat by up to 85%.

If heat in the cabin is your issue, sunroof solar tint is something to consider,
(if you have one)

Put your hand up near the roof in the summer, the heat in the cabin around the head area of all passengers is amazing...the sunroof cover should have been made from anti UV material like UV beach umbrellas...

...never again black...ever...

Some states, like Florida where I live, allow exemptions to sunscreening (tinting) beyond the limits of the law, they include medical exemptions, (Lupus, Dermatomyositis, Albinism,
Total or Facial Vitiligo, or Xeroderma Pigmentosum, or other Autoimmune Disease) which requires a limited exposure to light and if you are or can prove you are involved in covert operations, (private investigator, undercover whatever). In sun splashed states tinted windshields help.

Yes I know the tint is illegal, however it is not enforced much at all in AZ and NV where I spend most of my time.

I ordered the 39mm LED to tackle the cargo lamp and then ordered the puddle lights also



Typically drivers are not pulled over for something trivial as tint. If the officer wants to pull you over for speeding, they can tag you for tint. All except my convertible are illegal, but again we carry

So sad, another thread infested by the self proclaimed forum police! That's a nice looking truck! Where did you find the LED puddle lights? Like you, I've replaced everything except cargo area and the puddle lights.

Looks great!
Black wheel lock nuts and black Ford emblems for front and back I think it would enhance those mods even more.

and 2015 body color door handles

Nice looking Explorer. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Great lighting, good job.

We could not tint are windows like that in Ohio.

Why 'bump' ?? Thread is current.:scratch:


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Where did you get the LED for rear cargo side light?.....I want to increase output on that one.