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New tire advice

Well I ended up getting none of the above I got a sweet deal on a set of 265/ 65 /17 Nitto Terra Grapplers



550 mounted and balanced

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That's what I have now and I like them, They perform pretty well off road too. They dont do very well in mud tho (obviously not a mud tire) but I would say they perform well in every other category.

Yeah im definitely liking them so far especially the looks. Going from the dealership crap tires to these makes me smile every time I see it lol

Sweeet. I'm glad I snooped around in this topic. Probably get my next set of tires from there. I've decided not to be wasteful and just save the money till the current tires are worn down. Quite a bit to go 8/32 depth. Teejay, where did you get your set of tires from? I live 3 hours away from Tally and I visit FSU every now and then.

A place called mcgee auto my cousin is friends with a guy who works there and he hooked me up.