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New Tire Time

hey folks, its been awhile since i last posted. well here's the situation. i've had my BFG AT/KO's for like the past 50,000 miles and they have done me well. i felt safe during the rainy seasons (not that there were many here down in SoCal) and i enjoyed dirt roads and hopping curves with them. I know they were much more of a tire than i needed. i never really took care of them and the tire wear pattern was horendous. Anyways, i am on the market in the near future for a new set of shoes for my X. No off-roading for me. i felt the TA/KOs were a bit harsh for me so i most likely would like a better on-road tire. The dood at the Discount Tire told me that there is nothing better than the Michelin LTX's for a softer ride. He also told me that Michelin MAKES OWNS BFG. is that true? the only thing holding me back is the price. for the 30x9.5, the price for each LTX tire is $135!!! my TA/KOs were $98 each! $135 is about $140 more than my set of BFGs. Worth it? what else should i look into for a non-harsh ride?

thanks for your imput.

Pirelli Scorpion ATs are usually under $100 a tire for 30/9.5/15s. Great tire I hear.

go to they have better prices than anywere i have found with free ground shipping. It is were I am getting some 33x12.5 bfg's for 128 each.