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New Tires for 2007 Explorer, limited

I've read some of the threads and one thread kept recommending the Michelin LTX MS but I'm not sure if it was the Premier or Defender. Another thread stated Defender was better in snow and the Premier was better in wet roads.

I'm in Memphis, TN and we don't get a lot of snow. I would like a tire that is quiet and has great traction on wet roads.

Recommendations? Thanks.

It really depends on what your use for the truck is. If you use it like a car the Premier LTX are a great choice. The Premier LTX are more of a CUV/Crossover style tire, we have them on our Outback. The Premier is their most current design. The Defender is their more traditional truck/suv tire design. I'd be more inclined to recommend the Defender if you load your truck up or tow with it, even though in the stock tire size they are rated to carry the same weight.