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new tires or new tires and rims?

new tires or new tires and rims?

  • Just tires with my factory 16"

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  • 15" rims with new tires

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January 3, 2006
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Bensalem, PA
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1999 xlt
So i have a problem. I am in the market for new tires and found the ones i want but i am looking into going to 15" rims. I have 16" factory rims on now with 265/75/16 goodyear wranglers on it. I want a more agressive tire since the vehicle is only driven once in a while. I found super swamper SSRs but they are cheaper to run with a 15" rim combo than with the 16" i have now.

The pro's are that i will have a tire that is streetable since the wranglers are only 8k old and a seprate tire/rim set up would be avalable if i go with 15" inch rim and tire package. So i would have 2 sets of tires which is always good. The second pro would be that 15" rims are cheaper to buy tires for so in the long run i will save money.

The cons are i might wear out lug nuts and strp bolts with changing out tires. The tires are bias ply which i like but have a rough ride for the first few miles.

The pros outweight the cons but i am still not sure. Any reccomendations?