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New Tires...


March 19, 2009
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Phoenix, AZ (East Valley)
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1992 XLT 4WD
Hey guys, just put a 2" Skyjacker lift on my 1992 XLT because I got a new set of tires from General. Check it out and tell me what you think. The tires are phenomenal off road BTW.



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Red sidewalls are different, I like! :afro:

Wow, those are some racy looking sidewalls, and the wheels look great. Looks almost like some sort of performance combo package, although the offset making the tires stick out looks a little funny, but will be useful if you ever go bigger. The lift goes perfect with the tires.

Just be careful in the wet, those smooth tread lugs are likely to make driving on wet pavement pretty hairy. Not that it rains much in Arizona...

looks great. I'm liking the red sidewalls too.

OOPs your front bumber fell off :)

Really looks good :)

The tires are 31x10.50R15LT General Grabber (Red Letter). The wheels are MB 72's in Matte Black. They are 15x8 with a -19 offset. They are a Discount Tire exclusive. Some of you may know that I work at Discount Tire. I actually think the offset is just right... a little aggressive but not too much. Any of you looking for Max traction tires need to check this tire out. They are really tough and go pretty much anywhere. Any questions hit me up.

The tests that I read on these tires in 4 wheeler said they were great in the sand but pretty useless in the mud and snow. I was looking into some but read enough stuff that said they weren't that great for mud that I went another direction.

They look great though!

So far with my experience they have been good in the mud... they self clean well. They won't be good in snow because they have absolutely no siping. Most max-traction tires are like that. Obviously I don't see much snow so...