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New to Audio...A Few Questions


April 5, 2004
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South Yarmouth, MA
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1999 Explorer Sport
I haven't done anything in terms of audio to any or my vehicles aside from changing head units, so I have a few questions...Has anyone done subs and amps without upgrading the stock head unit and speakers? If so, how were the results? Also, if I want to use the factory head unit and speakers can I get a separate 4-channel amp for the stock speakers or will that interfere with the amp that is, I assume, built into the head unit? Finally, what are the recommedations in terms of whether I should get a muti-channel amp for everything (subs and speakers) or should I get a separate amp for the subs?
Thank you very much.

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i dunno about using the stock HU. Your initial sound is read from this so if it sounds crappy it will just be amplified through the rest of the stereo.

Adding a seperate amp for speakers wont interfere with your stock amp, you just disable the stocker.

id personally get a mono or two channel for your subs then a 4 channel for the speakers.

you're tackling this the right way though IMO. Always amplify your stock speakers (if in good condition) rather than buy aftermarket speakers and run them off of deck power.

fyi, for keeping the stock hu, unless your amp has speaker level inputs, you'll probably want to look into a line output converter.

I almost guarantee that you will be disapointed with the sound when using the stock head unit i had this in my eclipse and it sounded terrible i suggest at least getting a head unit with one set of pre amp outs you'll be alot happier with the way it sounds.

I had a sub with my stock HU for about a year. It really wasn't "terrible" it actually sounded just fine in my Ex. My amp had line level inputs.