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New to audio, help please?


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October 19, 2009
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South Jersey
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'94 XLT
So i just picked up a pioneer head unit off my friend for 50 bucks. Its down stairs so i forget the name. 50 watt max over 4 channels

I wanna get 4 speakers because im pretty sure mine in my 94 x are shot. They sound terrible, though it might be my old head unit. Im just not sure what i need. Do i need to replace the amp? What size speakers will fit my truck? Do i have a factory subwoofer? lol thanks if you can answer even one of my questions.

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replace the speakers anyway.. i have some infinity references i got off of crutchfield running off a pioneer deck and they sound real nice... they handle the pioneer without a problem. they dont distort or crack ever.

about the factory subwoofer... if you have the pocket in the cargo area on the passenger side, you dont have a factory sub. (thats where itd be) this is basically what itll look like if u have the factory sub:

if not itll just be a little pocket there...

as for the factory amp... if your stock unit has "dnr" printed on the tape deck door, then you have a stinkin factory amp. what id suggest is just buying the amp bypass kit again from crutchfield. its like 10 bucks and it's well worth it. all you gotta do is get to your factory amp and plug in the harness. its right behind the trim piece on the passenger side cargo area..
thanks to Masterd, heres the amp


Thank you SO much. hahah. I was so lost. The only thing i need to know is what size speakers will fit in the front and back. and then im set.

if you go to you can put in your specs for your vehicle and it'll spit out a big list of speakers you can use whether you get them from Crutchfield is up to you.

They will be 5" x 7" speakers, but some 6" x 8" speakers will fit, but the 5" x 7" speakers fit perfectly...

I thought the opposite: they are 6x8, but 5x7s will fit. Anyway, most any 5x7 or 6x8 will easily drop in. A 5.25/6/6.5" would also fit if you purchase or make adaptors. The OEM speakers in the newer Fords are considered 6x8.

Yeah, in general, round speakers have a better sound than oval. Think of how many home theater speakers have oval cones? However, running off an older HU, with no sound deadening, I doubt the casual listener would notice a difference. You'll often get slightly better bass response out of a 6x8 due to the larger cone (and an easier install for the newbs).