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New to forum Tire question


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August 19, 2016
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Shrewsbury, PA
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2016 Explorer Platinum
Hello everyone.
I pick up my new Explorer Platinum tomorrow. I have searched your forum and the internet but really haven't been able to get a solid answer to my question. I am interested in going up a small amount in tire size on my explorer to have a more aggressive tire for the Northeastern winters. I am interested in using a Nitto Terra Grappler in 265/50R20 on the stock wheels. I have seen a few vehicles on the forum running this tire size but they all seem to have aftermarket wheels or the Traxda lift. Will a 265/50R20 tire fit with stock wheel and suspension?

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the Forum.:wave:
I checked out both and and could not find that particular tire. In fact the Tire Rack site did not even have Nitto listed. Your Platinum will come with 255/50R20 tires and going with 265/50R20 will only increase the overall tire diameter by 1.3%. This is well within the 3% maximum variance. Is that tire available in the OEM size? If so, I recommend going with that size. For Winter in snow you would not want a wider tire as it will offer more resistance.
I use dedicated Winter tires on rims and use 18" Blizzaks in place of the 20" OEM Hankooks.
This is one site that you can always use to determine tire size variances. There are others as well. You should have no issues using the 265's.


Thanks for your response. I figured they were close in size enough but wanted input from others that own the vehicle since I don't know how tight the factory tire fit is. They don't make the tire in the stock size. They are a little wider but had them on another vehicle and they worked great in snow.. Discount Tire Direct carries the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 if you wanted to check them out.

Yeah I think they would be tight - based on the width and the rub would probably occur on the front

What I'd do though - go to discount - get one mounted up if they'll do it for you - and check that the bead is solid. (sometimes when you go up size width on a tire it might not sit right on the rim even when air'd properly.

Then put wheel on and check the clearances. But it's close enough I'd bet it would be OK.

Maybe someone has tired to put a 265/55 on a 13-16 explorer but I wonder.

Also does nitto make that in a 265/45 maybe? or a 255 that would work better. Hell you might even think about a 245 just to increase the normal force on the tread.

I came across a post where a 265/50R20 was installed on a 2011 Limited without any issue that was mentioned.


265/50r20 is the smallest size nitto makes in that tire. No one seems to make a 255/50R20 or 265/45R20 all terrain.

I have seen another 265/50R20 all terrain made by Amp called the Terrain Gripper. Seems pretty aggressive but I don't know much about the company.

Atturo makes an all terrain called the Trail Blade XT in 275/45R20 but I have not read good things about their mileage wear.

so I just have to ask - are you intending to do off roading in the explorer - because I think that might be part of your tire problem.

Is there something in a 245/60 - 20 that is reasonable for you?

I have always run all-terrains on my trucks and SUV's for winter weather and then, though I wouldn't call it off-roading, because my family has farmland. Something that can handle dirt to muddy roads. I really don;t want to be swapping out to a dedicated snow tire, especially since snow can be hit or miss sometimes where I live. I also drive 38 miles each way to work/home and most all-terrain tires come with pretty good mileage warranties. The Nitto is 65,000 miles and the Amp is 40,000 but the Amp also has the snowflake/three peaks winter tire rating.

How do the current tires fair with the mud? Just curious as that might help decide for you.

They aren't very good. They are an "ultra high performance all-season"
At least thats what hankook calls them, lol.