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New to the forum and have sas'd explorer

Here are some pics.

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Best newbie post EVER!
You know we need details, and lots more pics! That's what this SAS Registry is for. ;)
Did you build this, or pick it up from another member here? I know there's been a few Ex's with the rear chopped off, maybe only one with boat sides, maybe two...?
Either way, great entrance to the forum!

My cousin built this and started to tear it down to redo the tube work and put d60's under it and coilover's. He ended up selling it to me in peices and I put it together as best I could. He had coilovers in front but I needed to get it rolling so I got some air shocks for it. Currently it is 90% done I just need to connect exhaust finish tightening everything and figure out why the Coil pack is smoking.

Front is d44 5.13gears lockrite stock ford radius arm with 2" Dom tube sleeves and a panhard bar.

Rear is 9" 5.38's, full spool, disc brake conversion, trussed.

Engine is stock 4.0I v6 with cai, heddman headers straight piped.

D20 twinstick tcase with front dig option all billet.

Transfecase is c4 all billet with a c5 to adapt to 4.0l.
Art Carr gate shifter.

I would love to go but having issues getting this thing running again.. for some reason the coil pack is smoking while i'm cranking it over and the fuel pump is not firing. Kind of los t. I am trying to locate an ecu pinout for this thing but cannot find anything!