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New to the forum PICS OF MY TRAC!!

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any idea where the pictures went? very interested in seeing...

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The pictures of the grille, you can't see them in other post that have his truck pictured in them which is alot. Yep, LONO is a picture posting ***** LOL !!!!

I have to mess with you LONO, you know that. Oh yeah, did you get the apckage I sent you?

i was organizing my pictures in photobucket and ruined the links. ill post them again as soon as i get home, and yes rebel im a picture posting *****! btw, i never got the package. i was just going to message you about that.

I just sent it out last Tuesday, it was an envelope with a surprise in it for yeah. Maybe it'll be there in the next day or so. I think you'll like them.

awesome, ill be on the lookout! thanks rebel, once again you da man!

and for anyone who wanted to see some of those photos that got moved:








Great thread, great job on posting pics of your build. I'm getting a 2006 track tomorrow and am really excited about getting started especially after reading your thred.