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June 6, 2021
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2016 FPIU (current)

So I got my ‘16 PIU about a month ago, and the only problem I seem to be having is after going to a car wash, apparently water got into the engine bay and when I used to shift to park the low beams would turn off, however since then the driver side low beams turns on as it pleases at 25-40% strength, I’ve chased the yellow fuse and wiggled it around and it’s been at best getting stronger and weaker at odd angles, thus presents my dilemma the passenger side stays on an extra 10 mins after shut off when the battery saver mode kills power to the car.
Onto the good news, I since buying the car have added a factory console from a ‘15 Limited, and third row seats from a ‘14 limited as well, as for the foot well by the third row seating I installed a PVC Mat from Home Depot and I have yet to heat gun it to mold to the curvature but for now it’s functionally in place. Also since doing the third row seating install this weekend I now need to find a factory cargo carpet and tire well cover but also temporarily added the pvc lining to the trunk well also. The car has no problems minus the headlight wiring gremlin and a minor fender adjustments. Got it with 61,998 miles and it’s at 66,500 now.