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New to the game, old steering lines


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October 11, 2021
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Rockland NY
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2005 mountaineer 4.6l
Hey everyone. Got rid of the t-bird, into an '05 mountaineer 4.6l. Living in the north east=rust. I sprung a leak on a power steering line on the passenger side. After looking underneath and finding the leaker, ive noticed every line down there is toast. Like really bad. see pics for reference. Think ill be able to spin these out and go for a replacement or should she go into the shop? I dont have a torch but I do have pb blaster. Also, anyone have a diagram/part numbers or even a kit that would cover everything in one puchase? Thanks so much.


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You need three hoses,

These two connect together at the passengers side of the cross member and form the pressure hose from the pump to the rack.

GATES 357590 From Pump ($13.91)
GATES 357580 To Rack ($18.83)

This hose drains from the rack to the cooler. It also has a metal section and if the others are rusted out, this will likely be as well.

SUNSONG 3404636 Gear To Cooler ($16.73)

You will need 2 quarts of power steering fluid,

VALVOLINE VV3246 MaxLife Multi-Vehicle Power Steering Fluid 1 Quart ($7.81)

I also think it makes sense to add a filter,

AAE 102F Dual Filtration Magnetic Filter 3/8" line ($19.51)

Altogether it's about $100 with some shipping. You can check Amazon and Walmart to see if their prices are better, especially if you can get free shipping. RockAuto usually still has the best price but it's worth checking.

There are only 4 bolts to remove. The fitting that comes out of the pump requires an 18mm line wrench. The other end of the hose from the pump to the rack is secured by an M8 flange nut over a stud on the rack. There are also two brackets that secure the hose. The one in your picture is an M8 hex bolt into the upper part of the cross member on the passengers side and the second is a bracket the secures to a stud just to the right of the harmonic balancer with an M6 flange nut.

The new hoses don't include the two brackets, so you will have to keep those from the original hoses. Make sure you take pictures before you get everything off so you know how it all goes back together.

This shouldn't be terribly difficult to get out as far as rusted bolts are concerned. The easiest access is to take the radiator fan shroud off and remove the fan blade, but you may be able to replace it without having to do all of that. You should be able to get to the fitting that goes into the pump from the drivers wheel well. You should be able to un-hook the line into the rack from under the front up over the cross member.

See if you can find the 4 connections I listed and see if you can get a wrench on them without taking too much apart. Start now with the PB blaster. It works well when applied several times over several days. Make sure that you can get to all of the connections and get them loose before wading into the job.

Just to note, the listings at Rock Auto say the above parts are for manufacturer dates of July 18, 2005 & older. You need to check on that. As always, don't take my word for it when ordering parts. Check for yourself that what you are getting is correct for your truck.

Also, the rack an pinion has 2 metal pressure lines that run across the top. You need to check and make sure that these are not rusted out as well. They are generally painted and so may be in better shape then the pump line, but you should look carefully at them to see where you are at. It's not too much harder to replace the rack an pinion if you have the hoses off, but it is another $200 or so.

I just finished doing this, so let me know if you need more information or any pictures.