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New to the site from Wichita, Kansas


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February 10, 2008
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Hello all, my name is Nathan Parks and I have owned a 1991 Mazda Navajo for about 4 years now and it has been an absolutely amazing vehicle. I searched Google for Ford Explorer Forums and that's how I found this site (which by the way is freaking awesome so far). Any ways, I'm looking for some help with my truck. About a week ago I got in a front end collision because a drunk driver pulled in front of me and what do you know the dumb ass didn't have insurance. Now the entire passenger side of my Navajo is gone and I've searched high and low for the parts to rebuild it. But it seems like I have the last running Navajo in the USA, LOL J/P. Since I cant find a Mazda Navajo in any junks yards I started to focus on 91-94 Ford Explorers since they are identical minus the front end. Here is my question! Will the front clip from a Ford Explorer bolt up to my Mazda Navajo? I did noticed the Ford Explorer didn't have a header panel like my Navajo and that concerns me. But I just found an entire front clip on eBay for an Explorer and really need to know if it will fit my Navajo. Once again thanks for the wonderful site and I plan on becoming an active member visiting daily and contributing my 2 cents. Have a good day Guys and Gals...

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welcome nathan parks

Welcome to this forum!

If you change every body panel it will work. The structor is the same.