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New to the X Game

Hello im Dan from NY i Picked this 99 Sport up a couple weeks ago. 123k, 5speed, 4x4, 4.0 OHV, pretty excited to fix it up. i just popped a new battery in, did rear rotors, pads and ebrake shoes. i currently have the dreaded p0171 p0174 code, so gonna replace the intake mani gasket and do shocks. thats it. hoping she last a while...ill keep everyone posted when and what i do.

when i got her


her now

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Installed new upper intake manifold gaskets and plenum gaskets today. a lot of gross carbon and crap in the intake manifold. Cleaned it out the best i could put everything back together and rearranged the spark plug wires so they look nice and neat. started her up and rean like a champ. took it for a ride and noticed a different big time with how it ran b4 the work. im really hoping that i have no more codes pop back up. im excited to get things done with this. now i need to do is fix the exhaust. need new spring kit and weld the tail pipe hanger back up. then she should be all good!

Picked up my Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks. prob gonna get the fronts this week or next. Welded the tail pipe hanger and put in new hardware with a new donut gasket. the gasket was completely gone ahaha no more rattle and exhaust leak

bad clunking noise from my front. found out it was my left front shock. one of the lower bolts was loose. so installed my front shocks no more noise. Also my front brakes were making a lot of noiseee...took off my wheels. front rotors were soooooo rotten. so new pads and rotors up front. no more noise. brakes feel a lot better! kept getting a check engine for a small evap leak. so i noticed the filler neck had a hole in it. so i got a brand new filler neck installed it and hoping that was all it was. gonna finally install my rear shocks this weekend and trying to deside what tires i need for my new wheels.

Filler neck with a big hole up top.

new wheels!

Are those the American Racing wheels? Those will look good, what kind of tires are you thinking? All terrains, mud terrains, streets?

yes they are...16x8.5 -21 offset. im gonna do 265/75/16 Copper AT3 i think. i would like BFG ATs but idk if i feel like paying for them right now ha

Also i just ordered my Warrior 153 shackles!

finally went and got aftermarket floor mats. they fit pretty good, just had to trim all the extra area. have a part number there and brand to help anyone else out who needs floor mats. shouldve gotten black but it works i guess


just got my shackles in the mail. hopefully ill get my rear shocks, wheels, tires and do shackles/TT this weekend. oh yeah and install new e-brake cables.

Sweet. I love to see progress. Keep the pics coming.

nice x

Changed my transfer case, Transmission and Rear diff fluid yesterday. i dont think they were ever changed haha. i still need to do the front diff but i may do it sometime this weekend.


Rear shocks are in! Waiting on my tires so hopefully ill get pics of the final project


Found out my wheels are actually 15s not 16s haha i couldnt read the specs of the wheel because of the corrosion on the back. went with 31sx10.50x15 Cooper AT3s and i had to trim the front bumper a lil to make it work. rides really nice very happy with the overall product


Your explorer looks great, nice work :thumbsup:

Sooooo i got rear ended a week and a half ago. not too much damage. just need bumper brackets and the brake line broke because the bumper pushed the spare tire and broke the rear brake line. haha oh well ill prob bend back to brackets and pop a new brake line on. i wish they made rear rollpans for our trucks. id def invest in one of those.


ok fixed my explorers rear bumper. bent it back into place. then finally installed my new ebrake cables. thank god because its not fun when you dont have an ebrake with a manual transmission...hahaha

love the stance




P.S. i lost one ford lug cover :/

got my roof basket. ill install it tomorrow and post pics. very excited

Hey man, nice sport. How are those AT 3's holding up? Ive been looking at getting some for my Z71

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so far so good. not too noisy. love the way they look and cost less than All Terrains haha. Also there is $80 Rebate for the AT3s