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New to this 2002 4.6l XLT 4x4, initial findings and wonderings.

marked man

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July 17, 2005
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2002 XLT V8
Scored a 96k mile 2002 XLT with 4x4 4.6l.
In really good shape but have found s few issues.

1) Transmission has a few quirks.
Some shudder during shifts. 3-4 is pronounced at part throttle and with load of a hill. I am wondering if the shudder is really more the converter trying to lock after the shift.

The WOT 1-2 shift is sluggish, seems it hangs, not sharp and expect it would lead to some excessive wear with too much action.

Took the time to adjust shift cable linkage per factory spec and more happy with how manual shifts are done.

2) Couldnt read the odometer display, after finding some info removed the gauge cluster and found two resistors on the PWB were no longer soldered and had heat damage to PWB. Resoldered with SnPb solder and all is bright again..

3) in diagnosing shudder I find that the suspension transfers a bit of small shudder during normal driving and suspect the shocks have lost their nitrogen charge which usually quells that stuff. then find here that they are all coil over shocks. What fun. I had TBirds with them on the fronts , what a pain.

4) The chassis a pretty darn good. It handles well for many things. I've had gen1 and gen2 EXP and this is by far a more mannered ride. Handled recent ski trip well even on ice.

5) Needs new stereo with bluetooth, USB, AUx and GPS, and a better exhaust. Interesting they run the tube over the rear axle, the Tbirds with IRS all ran under.

6) 3.73 gears are my favorite and this thing sheetZ and Gitz. Love it!

Is there a technical article section that I am missing for things like how-to's?

Look forward to your replies.