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New Trail in Trabuco Creek..?

I don't know what a locking 4x4 is, but I guess this would be a good time to learn what it is... can a 3rd gen have it?

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Oh hell no I'm not taking my wide ass monster up that trail! she loves to spin tires and slide. Maybe once I buy tires, but for now, 50% bfg at's are too slick....

Donner, He's talking about locking diffs.

Oh, I have to read about that... The other trail below was not like this one, it's really good for testing your vehicle, and just being outdoors (I edited those pics above with the missing shot of Tbars) (You and Askingx are going next time?)

Yeah I wanna go, but no narrow switchbacks with cliffs for me!

Just got home from work. I'm exhausted. It was a long, but great day.:thumbsup: Donner, it was nice to meet you and I hope I see you on future runs. Tbars, thank you for getting me out of numerous sticky situations and letting Kelly and I ride in your beast the last quarter of the trail. Watching your truck roll down the hill was definetly the craziest thing I've seen out there. Good thing you have quick Mcgeyver skills.:p: For being a 4x4 trail, my 4x2 handled like a champ.:D I made it 2/3 of the way up without having to be strapped. Coming back, now that's a different story. Anyway's on to pictures........

Donner's clean ride.

Rest Stop....

Red truck, Fire Station.........

The three amigos

Tbars heading up the trail

End of the line for me

Not long after, the end of the line for Tbars

Coming back. My truck is now Tbars blockade from throwing his over the edge.

Making it look easy.

This is where Tbar had his run away truck.

Hello Orange County.

wow thats nuts! those are some steep clifs! i can see now why the truck took off:eek:

Wow! That is a serious trail! It was nice meeting you all too! What a day... that was fun!

...good pics micro...:D
now i need to start getting ready for the mojave trail....thats a week from today...:thumbsup:

...thanks to all for your well wishes and concerns...:salute:

...anybody wanting to run around trabuco or main divide road, contact micro machine as he runs out there weekly...:D

Yea I should be able to come out next time pending I renew my insurance. Can someone send me a list or a link of tihngs I NEED to bring for my first trip???

I want to thank you for the invite though!!! Keep my updated on the next trip!:roll: is a list for the holy jim trail...:D want to stop by the trabuco store or most fishing license places and get a national forest adventure pass...this is $5 for the day or $30 for year from date of can no longer pay up at the holy jim station anymore...if you are caught without it, it is $100 fine and the ranger was making good money this weekend...but not from us as we got passes...:p:

...the best thing you can have is a cb w/ antenna that is tuned....this way you can comunicate between the vehicles as you will see the chatter sometimes gets constant on the weekends as you are moving around other vehicles...and of course, Food and Plenty of Water

...for an introduction to the area micromachine can show you the takes about 2 hrs up and back on the trabucco/holy jim trail...and you can make it in a car but it's not advisable....

...i definately will be going up there again as i like to fish and they stock trout while the water is flowing...
...there is also camping w/showers close by at o'neill regional's like 25 paperwork fee and 15 dollars a night....if you are going to camp bring firewood as each site has a fire ring, a picnic table or two, and you can have 1 additional vehicle at your campsite for $5 more a night...

...just do not take any side roads as you will bight off more than you can handle...good luck and enjoy...:D

The pictures marked part 1 in this thread are from the trabucco/holy jim trail...they start at post #56 of this thread..Stay away from the area marked as part two of this thread...;)

So is there anywhere at the top to hang out, picnic, etc? Is it kid friendly up there?

....if your kids hike or fish, otherwise i would elect taking them to oneill park afterwards and do the poop tracking and animal finding plus they have stuff for kids to play on...:D

I'm always down to do the trail day or nite, even weekdays. I know that trail like it's my own backyard. It doesnt take 2 hours to do that trail on the weekdays when your the only person on it:burnout:. Exploder, if you make it to the top of the peak where the gates are at you could hike the rest of the way up with the kids. Unless you have a lot of clearance and good suspension i wouldnt go off the main trail. askingxforxit even when you renew your insurance most insurances won't cover offroading accidents, but that trail is so easy you wont mess your truck up unless you decide to try and jump the stream. ;)

Wow, tbars! I'm glad you and Harley are okay! The heck with the truck! The important part is that you are both okay! (Except for the "extra load" in your drawers!) :D we all get to do the mojave trail next week which includes laughlin's ghost towns and calico mines...:thumbsup:

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Oh man!!!! That sounds like so much fun! I haven't been out to the Calico mines and ghost town in AGES!!! Ya'll have fun and take lots of pics! I'll be waiting for a report! :D