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New truck, new questions


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June 11, 2008
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Hello everyone,

I just purchased my second explorer, a 1995 XLT. It is in very nice condition, not perfect, but pretty good. I bought it off a friend and plan on using it as my daily driver, however there is a problem with it I knew when i bought it that i need to get fixed. The steering wheel gives little jerks from side to side while driving. My friend had used tires put on and never got them balanced. Could this be the problem? or is it something to do with my suspension? maybe a tie rod?

Also, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with getting the smoke smell out of upholstry? The truck also needs some new tires. What are the biggest tires I can run stock? I would like to get all terrains. here are a few pictures of my two explorers. Thanks for reading.

EDIT the truck is not a v8 those are stick on decals put on by the previous owner. I want to take them off but I do not want to wreck the paint as it is pretty nice.




Congrats and welcome! Does it pull just while you're coasting/cruising or while braking? If it's constantly pulling then it's prolly an alignment issue with the front end. Either that or you might have a warped brake rotor or something on one of your front discs. I'm sure it's nothing a $150 couldn't fix in an alignment/brake shop, that would be the first place I'd take it.

The previous owner put V8 badges on a V6?! LOL, why not just go all out and put SVT or King Ranch badges on it too?? Haha.. my bad, don't mean to make fun, I just think it's funny when people care too much about what other people think about what they drive. Like anyone cares weather your Explorer is a V8 or V6..? Looks clean otherwise!

This post will prolly get moved to the 95-01 forum since yours is a '95 and you posted in a '91-'94 forum.

Edid: My bad, read it wrong, you said it pulls from side to side while driving. In this case it still may be an alignment issue or warped rotor, maybe. I'm not really sure though, just shooting in the dark. Good luck!