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New Tuner By Diablo


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April 19, 2012
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08 Explorer XLT V8
Just noticed that they came out with a much much cheaper then there $600+ one that worked on the 06-10 V8 explorers.

They now have one that you can buy for just a little over $300 on amazon that does all the same stuff as there $600+ one far as HP/TQ and what you can adjust in the PCM.

Diablo Intune I-1000

Has anyone tried this out yet? I think im gonna get one with my birthday money :)

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so what if you dont have an I phone? i know i dont have an I phone. i have a sucky windows phone. lol!

Ohhhhhh. I see. Lol! Out of all the tuners for an 06-10 V6 explorer, I wonder which one is the best performance and price wise?

Just order one and will be here tomorrow. I will give a full review and also try to find a good 0-60 app and do some runs before and after and take the avg of each to be fare.

Just order one and will be here tomorrow. I will give a full review and also try to find a good 0-60 app and do some runs before and after and take the avg of each to be fare.

Will be waiting for the results:)

Me too. On their website they also have forums dealing with people who bought this. There's some good and bad reviews. You should check it out.

InTune i-1000

Any review or update yet? I just couldn't wait and placed order for the i-1000. Should be here by end of next week. :D

You should be cautious if you purchase from Amazon. Diablo has listed Amazon as "unauthorized dealer" and because of that they may decline any support, including warranty. :eek:

I'm not really expecting much more HP/TQ improvement. (Maybe 10-15HP with 87-octane tune?) I'm really more after to improved throttle response and better low RPM performance. Currently I can run average 7.5sec 0-60 times with everything stock (2006 EB 4.6L) and full gas tank. With cooler weather and half or less gas I have seen 7sec or even less. Measurements were done with G-tech Pro Fanatic SS.

Once i get mine and have time to test it I'll provide updates.

EDIT: The 0-60 times here were at spot I had a bit downhill. At more level ground where I'm doing my tests now the times have degraded about 0.2s.
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Well im still giving it time to Learn and adjust tot he 4,500 feet up in the thinner air im at so ill have more performance review stuff later.

But far as right now.

WARNING, spelling and grammar errors may be present, thats what i get for writing this at midnight lol.

Updating the tuner...
Well, lets just say... Got ahead and start the update, Go make dinner, Eat it. Then watch a TV show or two, then maybe go see if its done yet... lol :eek:
It took me a total of over 2.5 hours to get all the updates done on my intune. It just very very slow at it.

Quality and ease of use
Well you are not paying for some high quality iPod touch type of device. Its really cheap plastic and pretty cheap touch screen. But... remember you are not paying for the hardware really, that is the cheap stuff with tuners like this. You are paying for all the time and money they spent tuner those 100+ cars this one tuner supports. Thats a lot of man hours.
But all in all its ok and it does that job

Well, it was very very easy.
Just follow the step by step instructions on the intune and it only takes like maybe 8-10min to tune. It first backs up your current stock tune. Then you choose what lever of tune you want (EI. 87,91 or 93oct) then it puts the tune in the PCM then it lets you adjust things like speed limiter, idol RPM's and shift rev limits and couple other things. Then after you chose them it builds the custom tune and uploads it to your PMC.

Now its kinda weird tuning a newer car/truck like this because last time i tuned a PCM was on a older mid 90's Bonneville SSEI and you do that outside the car most of the time. But when you tune the explorer all sort of weird things go on with the dash lights and Info center and even the security like flash with a Hard drive light in a computer lol.

But after the tune i had no problems worked the first time. The second time when i changed the idol RPM to be lower in N and D i did get a check engine light and i just cleared it and it never came back.

First Drive
The very first thing i noticed was the throttle response was much nicer. I dont know if the V6 Ex have the same problem as the V8's but just with a tiny touch of your foot it feels like the truck ones to take off and kill someone lol. just so much low end power. Now its smoother and easier to take off slower. But dont be fooled if you get on it it does respond faster now and does kick you back in the seat.

At first when shifting it didn't seem much firmer but i did see it shifting a little higher in the RPM rang and another very cool thing now is when im slowing down to stop it now downshifts so that if you need to get back on the gas you dont have to wait for the trans to downshift from 5th or 4th to 2 or 3rd its already there now. 1st gear you still have to pretty much come to a stop still to get it into it but that fine.

Now for what everyone wants to know, Power. Well i think my problem is the 4,500feet thingy.... inTune was made and tuned in FL at sea level. So the first thing i felt when i got on it and also floor it was the lag and it trying to get air like when i first moved to utah form sea level. But the lower end power did feel better.

Its now been a few more days of the PCM learning the thin air and also now i have fully gotten 91oct in the tank not the 89/90 it was at when it first did the tune. The power is not starting to come in. The power down lower you can really feel it push you back in the seat more now. also when i do get on it now and floor it it doesn't feel like its trying to find air to make bigger booms lol. Its starting to feel faster now. You can also hear the tone and growl of the engine sound deeper and better like when i went to Cali a couple weeks ago back at sea level the truck felt so nice and powerful. :D

Another thing that got better over the past couple day was the shifting. It now does shift faster and firmer then stock. Its pretty nice, its not harsh it just lets you know it really did shift into another gear lol. Also the throttle response got even better partly i think because of it learning the thin air thing though.

Conclusion for now

For now i do think its worth the price. $300ish for a tuner is pretty good for a newer car or truck also for one that you can move to a another car or truck if you change. I think it does still need some more updates but in due time im sure it will happen.

I will give another update review next week after a full week of driving to and from work and some more WOT runs.
I did take some pics and videos and i will get them together tomorrow and post them up if I dont forget LOL.

cant wait to see some vids.

First impressions

So I got the tuner few days ago and got through the initial update process. In my case it "only" took about 1.5 hours.

I loaded my Explorer with the 87 octane tune. First driving impressions are just like banditxp said the throttle response is greatly improved and low end torque/power feels like what a V8 should be. In normal driving I only need very slight pressing on the gas. While it is quite sensitive it is still easy to drive smoothly. The truck is a lot more fun to drive!

I also noticed the engine idle quality has smoothed significantly. Pretty much all the slight vibration I felt before is gone. It actually made me look at the RPM gauge several times to see my engine is running when sitting on the stoplights!

Next the WOT (floored) power: I do not feel much (if any) difference. Also the 0-60 times I tried supports the feel that there are no noticeable gains. I have been thinking of this and my theory is that the Ford stock tune is already maxing out the 87 octane gas capabilities at WOT. (At WOT you get all the air/fuel mixture into the cylinder combined with rather high 9.8:1 compression ratio the spark timing can not be advanced from stock setting.) Next time I'm going to fill up with 93 octane and try the "Diablotune" to see if I can see difference then. (I should...)

Talking of transmission I only noticed the transmission holds onto higher gears than before. This seems to be due to needing only slight press of gas to wake up the engine low RPM torque which is able to get the truck going without need for transmission to downshift. It feels like the truck had shed 1000lbs and moves along effortlessly near idle around 1500RPM. I like that! :)

The other transmission changes banditxp noted I can't confirm. AFAIK the 6R60 transmission has its own independent TCM that the intune does not have access (yet?), explaining the no change. If someone knows better please correct me. (Also if you go check the adjustable parameters in intune, you see no transmission related parameters: You can not change shiftpoints or firmness, etc.)

In fuel economy no comments on that yet. I think initially it will go down because the "fun to drive" factor does not encourage to drive fuel efficiency in mind. :D

Cool glad to see someone else has one also.

Well now thats iv put two tanks of 91oct through it the PCM has started to learn more and the power has come.
Yea wish i could get 93 here in Utah but like most higher up places 91 is the max :/

But the mid to higher end power is now kicking in and feeling much nicer. Can really start to feel that 20+ HP and Trq. Plus also im sure the open intake and 3" exhaust helps too.

Far as the shifting. Yes it should be able to to change that. Wether it can talk to the TCM or not some of the shifting is still normally controlled by the PCM. It does shift firmer and that took a couple days to really start to notice and also the down shifting im talking about is when just slowing down from like 40+mph watch the RPMs and watch it jump up a little each time it downshifts. Also another cool little thing i noticed today is when i floored it around 45 till 60ish and had to back off and get on the breaks it seemed to hold 3rd i think till i slowed down to like 40mph. It helped me slow down also it was nice because if i needed to get back on it it would have been ready in the right gear.

I might go out tonight and try some more 0-60 runs and see if it got any better. it feels better but as we know the butt dyno is not always right lol.

Chiming in as well...

Just set mine up today when I received it:

-The time it took to run it on my laptop and walk out to the truck and tune the truck was no more than 30 minutes. Diablo seems to have worked all of the kinks out.

-I loaded the 91 Octane tune.
-I definitely noticed a much improved throttle response.
-The truck (as mentioned above) seems to always be in the right gear. This feels so much better over stock.
-I too noticed the lag when going WOT from a complete stop. Hoping the truck learns over the next couple weeks and it diminishes.
-Overall the truck FEELS more powerful and smooth.
-Gas mileage is up 1.5 to 2 MPG just driving around town. Hope this holds to justify the more expensive gas.

There is the early report to add on to the others.

Another update after experimenting with Diablotune and back to 87 octance tune.

In the middle of my 93 octane (Diablotune) experiments I installed Gibson 3" cat back exhaust. The truck did feel peppier and I was able to run ~7.3 seconds 0-60 times. :)

This last tank I filled with 87 octane fuel and changed back to 87 octane tune. Surprisingly I did not feel any power loss and I just verified today that I can still run ~7.3 seconds 0-60 times, same as with diablotune and 93 octane fuel... As a conclusion I'm going to stick with the 87 octane tune.

On gas mileage front the Diablotune maybe was 0.5MPG better in mostly city driving. That small difference is not enough to offset the higher fuel cost.

It does seem that the Gibson cat back brought the most power gains. Previously with 87 octane tune the truck did not improve the 0-60 times over the stock tune. Only after the Gibson cat back install I'm able to see consistent gains with 87 octane tune.

Interesting. I have been wondering about the real diff between the 91 tune and the 87. I have a K&N intake kit but still running stock exhaust (with resonator cut out)..

Things I am still wondering:

-How does the PCM continue to adapt with a new tune? Some or not at all?
-How much better does a new cat back exhaust flow better than stock set up?

well its been a while now since i did my tune and i have not retuned it so its been learning this whole time. After about the 3rd week it really started to feel better. The response on how fast it downshifts now when i stab the throttle has gotten faster and also just the pull feels better now. I wish i has something good to do 0-60 times but i dont. only was i know it has gotten fast is "comparing" it to other cars and trucks on the road on which i knew before how much slower or faster i was to them. and lets just say, the 3.5L TT eco boost F-150 is no longer faster then me. well to up to 50mph. after that i dont know.

But the other problem i have is this 4,500 feet above sea leave. which is one way i have noticed that the truck had gotten faster, it feels like the power i had at seas level when i was in Cali for a week. So i bet if i go back now it was feel really awesome back down there.

and FYI, each time you retune remember the PCM will need to relearn all over again. so dont keep on messing around with different tunes. you just wont feel much change. also we arnt dealing with like 50+HP changes here. 15-25HP is kinda hard to feel. only 0-60 times and dyno runs can you really see it.

and FYI, each time you retune remember the PCM will need to relearn all over again. so dont keep on messing around with different tunes. you just wont feel much change. also we arnt dealing with like 50+HP changes here. 15-25HP is kinda hard to feel. only 0-60 times and dyno runs can you really see it.

Good callout on switching tunes.. I'm sticking with the 91 for awhile.. I put in the Retro-Solutions HID Bi-Xenon HID kit today so I had the battery disconnected for awhile. Obviously that will reset everything.. So this is the baseline for me.. I'll be back after 2-3 weeks to give my thoughts...

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Just a quick update that might help someone go with this tuner.

I had a problem with getting my ex to pass emissions here in Utah because it gave a message for the CAT (not Supported) and they failed me.
Emailed them at about 2pm my time (4pm theres) and they got right back asking for the tune file and info file. Sent them and within another hour or so i got a email back with a custom tune file for me to load and i did.

the next day after some highway driving it fixed its self and passed.

Also this tune they sent feels even better. the downshifts and also the power. it seems to pull better now even before in the mid rang. like nailing it at 40MPH it throws you back in the seat now.

Now thats fast and good support.