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New upper control arms?


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April 15, 2016
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Myrtle Beach SC
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2004 XLT 4x4 Loaded
Can anyone reccomend good upper control arms for offroad use for our 3rd gens that aren't OEM style? ive been looking at BTF UCA's and tax time is coming but man are they high, I have a 3" leveling kit and when I first got it I was told it would cause my ball joints to go quicker and I was thinking by using performance style uppers my next set of ball joints will last longer (hopefully)

BTF is the way to go,
02-05 Explorer uniball upper arms

haven't been on the site in a while , was working on the other "Eleanor" had to get her ready for Diesel Nationals.

Charlotte just got the motor ripped out and rebuilt, Stage III heads, ARP head studs, injectors, "Pro Charger" you'all find out , Dyno results this spring/summer. Up Up and Away.



Michael----Navy CB Vet

Can Do.

Navy CB Vet--


Pretty sure that BTF is the only one that makes them for the third gen