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January 19, 2011
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Bristol, Va
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02 XLT
Hey guys, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. I have owned the vehicle for a little over 5 years now. I bought it with 59,000 miles and it now has 113,000 miles. It was my DD til about a year ago and it is now my garage queen and my mountain vehicle (I own a F-150 as well). I have a few mods that consist of tinted front windows to match back, Flowmaster exhaust with 3" tip, yakima racks with snowboard racks, Sony head unit with Diamond 12" sub, Sylvannia 5,000K highs and lows, 265-70-16 General Grabber AT2 tires, and a few other small mods. I am wanting to do some more mods here soon but just havent decided what to do yet. Hope you guys enjoy my X!






well over 1 foot of snow, snow was above running boards


over 1 foot on roads


older pic


older pic

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Thanks! Hoping to get some possible suggestions on what mods to do as well from veteran users.

Thanks Ronin! I have been looking into maybe a bull bar with some lights. I noticed that you have spacers for sale. Whats the reason behind you selling those spacers?

I bought them on impulse because I saw them for a good price, then I decided to do a body lift so I decided to put them up for sale. Then I decided I wanted a suspension lift after all (but not as much lift as the spacers I am selling will result in), so I got a smaller set. Basically I don't need them anymore.


I'd do a 3" body lift, push bar w/off-road lights and call it done.

Intake - Bull Bar / Brush gaurd - Aux Lights - Running Board Delete - Good Tune Up !

+ Door 5x7 / 6x8 Speakers

Okay, thanks for all the help guys. Now, are the spacers a safe way to get some lift or would the body lift be the way to go considering how dependable and safe they are?

Both types of lifts are safe.

The body lift doesn't give you any ground clearance obviously, just room for bigger tires and it helps the appearance. The advantage is it doesn't change the suspension or its geometry at all.

The spacer lift will give you actual ground clearance. It is safe, but as it changes the suspension geometry, you will need an alignment after installing it. It also can put more stress on your suspension components, mostly the front upper ball joints. The stress comes from when you get the front suspension flexed out completely and it overextends the balljoints. For this reason, people usually recommend changing out the front upper balljoints when you install the spacer lift if your existing ones are cracked, also because the replacements (if you buy the ones made by Moog) are stronger than stock.

With that said, many people on here run spacer lifts and are happy. Those that have had problems usually went bigger than 2.25" on the spacers and/or they were really pushing the truck hard off road. A few people had problems and they said they drove normally. I don't know what the cause would be there.

The general opinion seems to be that if you stay with a 2.25" lift or smaller, and don't go jumping over logs and sand dunes, you won't have issues. If you plan on getting serious with your offroading, a set of limiting straps is a good way to keep the suspension from flexing out too far and should help preserve your front upper ball joints.

Welcome Matt. Good lookin rig :thumbsup:

Thanks Ronin, that clears up ALOT of questions i had about the whole lift situation with the X's. I probably wont be lifting mine unless money starts fallin from the sky, but i do really like the look of lifted 3rd gens. And, thanks Millertime!

welcome matt and nice x

For mods; black headlights, black billet grilles, tail light guards, brush guard or bull bar, black clear corners, cold air intake, exhaust, custom wheels, and a lift.

And welcome, good looking explorer.