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New Viton Low reverse Servo Seals


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February 8, 2003
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You may recall my frustration at having trouble finding the improved "double lip" seal for the low reverse servo in the A4LD and 5R55 - finally locating it in the Superior Shift kit. Well a friend of mine told me that Transtec had developed a new seal as well... I went to their site and here's what I found - it's true!

Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership 11617 State Route 13 419/499-2502
Aftermarket Division Milan, Ohio 44846 USA FAX 419/499-3337
Visit our website at
FORD C3, A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E, 5R55E
New Reverse Servo Viton® D-rings
TransTec has designed two
Viton® D-rings for the reverse
servo found in the C3, A4LD,
4R/5R44/ 55E family of
transmissions. The new D-rings
will replace the O.E. O-rings and
provide superior sealing of main
line pressure, as well as reverse
apply pressure, which improves
reverse engagement.
The new D-rings are available
in kit #4962 and are in stock and
ready for immediate shipment.
Viton® is a registered trademark of Du Pont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
NPA7 11/01

The only question is whether they are available separately. I'll check into that.

Thanks to James in Hawaii!

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WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com has both in stock. Here is the information: 23256K double wiper low/reverse servo kit ($1.52), Transtec viton seal kit for the low/reverse servo 23256KA ($2.70).

I have had a chance to use both since writing that post.The viton D ring seals seem to make a tighter seal than the simple O ring. One advantage they have over the double wiper seal is that you replace BOTH O-rings using the D rings replacements, and JUST the big one when you use the double wiper seal.

I remember a while ago, you recommended the double wiper seal. Would you now recommend the Viton D seal instead of it?

The double wiper only comes with one big one, and no small one in the set? That is odd.

Yes as between the two I am recommending the Viton D ring seal set over the double wiper. I am sending a set of them with every VB rebuild I do.

An interesting experiment would be to use the double wiper on the big ring seal, and the viton D on the smaller one.

I was also thinking about that too. Do you have any pictures of those seals for a comparison? The Viton D ring seals would last longer than the double wiper rubber seals anyway. I wonder when they will make Viton seals for the internal pistons, like the forward clutch, etc? Do they make Viton seals for the center support? I know that they are made for the 3 governor rings in the extension housing. Those seals have a mitered split. Are the D rings on the low/reverse servo like that too?

No the D rings are one piece.

i know this is an old thread but i search everywhere for the Transtec viton seal kit for the low/reverse servo 23256KA..anyone where i can actually get this??

much help is needed



It seems it's no longer seems maybe they dont tell them individually??

You just searched it diffrent and is called d rings?? Awesome buddy thanks for your help! :)

out of stock

the page indicates out of stock, is there another dealer that you would recomend for this seals?


Out Of Stock

Out of stock on transmissionpartsusa again.
Not showing up on WIT's site either.
Anyone have a clue where to get these. I need at least two sets.

Call or email Transmission Parts USA to see when they will get them again.

d ring

Thanks, I emailed them.

D rings

Just wanted to let everyone know that transmissionpartsusa emailed me a short while after I sent them an email and they had some right quick. I ordered three sets since I have three trucks with the same transmission.
I only installed one set so far and reverse works perfectly, goes right in.
Great customer service! Quality Parts!

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