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New wheel bearing failure


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October 26, 2018
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tampa, florida
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2004 XLT 4x4
I'm new here so first, Thanks for all of you and your coming answers.

I have a 2004 explorer XLT 4x4. I have replaced the wheel bearing 1200 miles ago. I used a new bearing and spindle but used the old knuckle. today the grease started flinging out all over the inside of the wheel and the bearing started squealing regardless of braking or steering direction. if the wheel is turning it is squealing.

is there any common issue that must be accounted for while replacing or is it just a bad bearing.

thanks again yall

greasy hub.jpg


grease in the wheel.jpg

You have a shop press the bearing in?

Ouch! I'd be interested in knowing what rear wheel bearing you bought (same part nos. as 4th gen). Thanks.

I pressed the bearing in myself because prior to this one I had a shop do it and screw it up. they pressed the bearing into the knuckle using the inner race wich messed it up pretty bad and I only got about a thousand miles out of that one. with this one I used purpose built dies and pressed the outer race for knuckle and the inner race for spindle.

after inspecting further I think I may have figured it out. let me know what you think. the axle nut that I bought wasn't crimped at the crown. I remember having to retighten it twice and I think that a bearing under load without the proper axle nut tension caused the bearing to separate. needless to say this time I put a new knuckle, bearing, spindle and a proper nut and will be watching closely.

thanks yall