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New wheels and tires installed

Newfy Trac

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August 24, 2011
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03 Sport Trac
Here it is... 17 X 9 4.5 BS 33X12.50X17 Mickey Thompson MTZ.

Road noise is not bad at all. Ride is good.







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loving the look of the truck . Great job


Painting your cladding and bumpers white would look amazing, imo.

Looks good and agree with the cladding being painted. I was going to do mine but the wheels I ended up with blend with the cladding good so now plan on leaving it factory. I like the white tracks they look so clean.

Looks very good. I had a white ST before I got this red one. I had black wheels and painted the cladding black. Pictures of it are on the forum.

They also make inserts for the lower grills to cover up the frame ends after the body lift I did a bull bar instead.

Looks great!

Any idea how that lower grill attaches ?

Can you tell me how much clearance you have between your spindle and rim and also your spindle and tire? I am looking at a couple different rims right now, one being a 15x9 with 4.5 inches of backspace but I don't know if it will fit.

The tire is 1 1/4" to top of spindle/upper control arm. Wheel is 2 1/2" to the spindle.

I'm no expert on 15" wheels, as mine are 17" but from reading, the 15" wheel comes close to brake calipers.