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New Wheels and tyres ordered, Spacers needed


I am from the UK and have a 1998 Explorer XLT, now in the UK all Explorers are fitted with the plastic wheel arch extensions similar to the Eddie Bauer versions in the US I have just ordered a set of 22" rims with 295-30-22 tyres, and Ideally I want the wheels to fill the arches properly so not to have such a large overhang of bodywork and lead to a much more aggressive look, could wheel spacers be used to achieve this ? I am really looking at adding an extra 20-30mm width to the track , this probably won't cause much of a problem on the rear wheels but how about the front ? would the use of spacers lead to the tyres rubbing the inner / outer wheel arch when steering on full or partial lock ?

Has anyone tried using spacers ? and if so what widths ? any pics at all ?



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A lot of people have used spacers. I have heard mixed opinions about them. Try searching for it first.