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New wheels for 2010 Explorer, swap oem tpms sensors or need new?

Been reading a lot of the tpms threads, now I have a headache, I learned a lot but still have some questions:

Im replacing the 18" fake chrome wheels on our 2010 Explorer with the 18" machined alluminum wheels from the Sport Trac model. The new wheels do not come with tpms sensors.

1. Will the tire shop be able to swap the oem tpms sensors to the new wheels?

2. If not, can I buy the Motorcraft valve stem tpms sensors for the new wheels?
Or should I buy the new "EZ Sensor" from Schrader?

3. Am I correct in assuming that I can program new sensors with the tool available from the dealer?


1. They can or at least should be able to swap the sensors over. They are removable and all they should have to do is push the tire down by the stem and remove them. They have a band to hold them on that wraps the wheel in most cases but still they should be able.

2. You can buy aftermarket if you like but if you have no plans for your old wheels, just reuse the ones you have.

3. Yes, you can use the dealer tool. It's about $50 and you have to do a little trick with the key turning it off and on a few times to get the truck into programming mode. I bet if you call the dealer they will just help you out. The one here will normally do it since no real labor is required to program the sensor. Go back to where you bought the truck and ask for the person that sold it to you to help you with getting it done. It might be free or at least cheaper than the tool that you wont use again. BUT, if you take option 1 you will not need this step.