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New Work Done Again With Pics

fortunetly for me my next store neighbor is a mechanic and owes me a favor so it might be better for me toe buy the kit. I really want exhaust but dont feel like paying out the ass but i want it done right. Is there a huge difference in sound between 6 and 8 with the same exhaust setup? On youtube theres a ton of 6cly exhaust video but only a few 8cyc and i def seen them all. id like to see mine with magnaflow and one with fm40.. and is the resonator a quick thing to remove?

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For a mechanic it will be easy, a sawzall to the exhaust pipe, and get a replacement pipe, then its done... The nice thing about the magnaflow exhaust has dyno proven numbers with it, and will give you great roar when you punch it, but minimal. Drone at highway speed... Magnaflow also is not quite at raspy as flowmaster... I had a FM40 but I like my magnaflow so much better... Its really all about preference fella
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just washed and waxed



Love those tails. Did my wheels this weekend, went the Plasti-Dip route. They look pretty damn close to yours, other than I did not bother to tape off the ford logo on the center caps.




Painted grill on saturday to go along with the blacked out looked got a couple more things to paint...


headlight housing's + turn signals :thumbsup:

Looks good :thumbsup: I agree with caldwell and limited02. Maybe not the roof rack part, but thats my 2 cents.

i say black lights, and keep roofrack and moonroof deflector :p

thanks for the comments and thoughts, i would like to keep the roof rack for snowboarding season :) and the deflector i love for some reason so I will probably keep that. One thing i noticed is that my driver side headlight holds a little condensation when it rains and early in the morning so new headlights are defiently a future purchase and I might as well get the black corners while im at it as a kit that they offer. also noticed the other day that a rock hit my fog light and it cracked, now has a small hole, i put a piece of clear tape over it for now but thinking about upgrading to yellow halo fogs or might just go to junk yard and get replacement. For the next couple of months im concentrating on performance, (exhaust, tune) I need my x to be a faster i raced someone the other night and was only one car length behind him. He was also in a pontiac gran am turbo.

i feel ya man, i raced my buddy in his v6 '08 stang and was only 2 car lengths behind, now i want to mod the engine enough to atleast tie :D

Same here. I raced my brother with his "cammed, dual exhaust, CAI" 2003 V6 mustang, kept up with him (at the mid-section of the door) the whole way. And now I'm on the same page as 43, wanting to mod my V6 engine, and I think we can use mustang parts on our 4.0Ls and 4.6L's (not sure).

maybe my 8cyl could of taken both cars that you guys mentioned :)

Have you had your X dyno'd to see what the RWHP is?

nope but i raced my friends 2005 6cyl explorer with 50,000 miles on it and i crushed him :) i would defiently like to get a dyno to see what type of heat im packing!