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New Year, New projects for your 3rd Gen Ex?

Cad are those yellow you are looking at HID or standard halogen. I've wanted to replace my fogs with some yellow fogs for some time but didn't want to switch to HID. Think when its time for aux it will be all offroad wattages.

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check the luminic's link i posted...

they are standard halogens, direct plug n play with factory wiring...

check out the picks at the bottom of the " JDM YELLOW " page...

**** decided screw it... just bought luminic's bulbs, should have them within 2-4 days. then a report will follow shortly after install.

9006 55w Pure Blue Low's

H10 42w JDM Yellow

I am doing 4 new struts, 1 balljoint, replacing the tensioner pulley and am getting 245/65-17 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Tires

We'll lets see. im gonna put new quick struts all around. new sway bar bushing and end links. 20"s Rims in the spring. New Headunit. Bull Bar with aux lights. put in a power drivers seat. new tires for summer and winter. Brand New Painst job(black) among other things

Anything doing headers? I'm thinking about it just want to know how difficult it is, price and what improvements you saw?