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New Years at Truckhaven??


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Char and I are going to Truckhaven Dec. 29 - Jan. 1. We will be meeting up with a few guys from the pirate4x4 website.

Anyone else want to join us and celebrate the New Years under the California Desert sky??


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Redemption to the bad rocks

Yeah, I'll probably be there. Keep me informed on the details. I need to test my new gears and lockers and this sounds like the perfect excuse.

If I can get atleast one friend to ride with me I'll be there early Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. I know winter wanted to go again before the big Truck Haven run. If not him maybe my dad will join me. Anyway, I just want to find someone to ride up there and back with me.

I'm looking forward to the run. I hope you guys can make it so we can make a good showing for the pirate4x4 J**pers!!

Actually one of the guys who is going wheels with a full size Dodge Ram. I'm not sure what the other guys are driving.

I'll post more details as to our meeting spot as we get closer. What a great way to bring in the New Year!! :D

I'm in!!! My friend Ray and I were going out there that weekend anyways. Ray is the guy with the built up Defender 90, but he hopes to bring his early Bronco if it's ready.
I'll have to work Friday nite, so I won't be there till Saturday afternoon.

Awesome! This is getting good!

I'm going to pick up several bags of cut firewood. If you guys could contribute too that would be great. I like fires!!

I'm looking forward to the trip. We will arrive about 3:00pm on Friday and I'll try to get our usual camping spot.

BTW, FAKRWEE is in Phoenix and Char and I are going out to dinner with him tonight :D I'm going to find out if he can make the big MLK run with us, he hasn't signed up yet.


I'm going to try and make it out saturday. I promised I'd take my wife to a concert that night, so I'll be leaving early. See you all there.


Tell Tom that he has to go that weekend, or else he will be known as old fart from Witner and I forever. LOL
Plus I haven't talked to him since Rubicon in August.

Well, Tom is doing good, unfortunatly his Navajo isn't the doing as well. He still hasn't replaced the radius arm since the Rubicon run.

He couldn't make a definate commitment to the T-haven run, but he's going to try to make it.

Hey Rick. These pirates, are they local? Or are they coming down from NoCal?

These guys are coming from San Diego I think. I don't know if they're "certified" or if they are just members of the website.

One guy has a Dodge P/U, another has a Willys Wagon and I think the other is a Jeep.

You guys look for Ray, he'll be out there a day before me. He's driving the early Bronco with fresh BRIGHT yellow paint, 35" Swampers, and will be camping with two red CJ-7s along the paved road in. I may camp there too, I like that area better than the usual Explorer camp.

Since I won't get there till Sat afternoon, I'll have to find you guys on the trail. Rick, could you tape a paper with the CB channel to your windshield or dash of the Dodge for me?


Is Ray taking the Defender out there at all? I got my friend that rode with him at Los Coyotes to go. I'll be getting there at about 9:00am on Sat. Is that good time Rick? I figured since that's what time we've been showing up for the past 2 runs. See you guys out there.

Collin, 9:00am sounds good. BTW, look at the main photo at :D

Bill, We'll try to use CH-1 while we're out there, I'll try to remember to tape the info to the windshield of the Dodge or to the back door of the camper.

Bill, is your friend going to be there Friday afternoon? If so I'll try to camp near him, do they camp in that area to the left of the entrance road where we met the first time?

I think BlueDogBandit asked about GPS coords. Here are a few:

N 33 18.164 W 115 58.937 That's the turnoff from 86 to N. Marina Dr.

N 33 17.479 W 116 0.293 The usual Explorer campsite

See ya soon!!!


You kissing up? :p How did you manage to pull the main picture off? :rolleyes: j/k.
Hey guys rolling or breaking anything major before Thaven. :nono: Do i sound like a mother?
Have fun out there


I am not sure when I will actually be there, but I know it will be before Saturday at 9:00am. I want to do a bolt check on my front end and make sure it's all nice and tight and replace the front brake pads and check spindle nuts. On top of that I still need to pack everything up for myself and the kids, minus one Game Boy. So, if I get it all done at a descent time tommorow, I will be there Friday night, if not, Saturday morning.

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December 28 2000

Truckhaven! Tomorrow?