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New Years at Truckhaven??

Yes Peter we are doing a small New Years run. No one will be there until Friday night, the run is Saturday and Sunday. I hope I can meet you this time, stop on by in the morning by 9:00am.

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Weather this weekend

High 80

Low 44

Colin, no Defender this time. But the Bronco is just as good. Park it next to Rick's and you'll have a good poster!

Rick, you will probably be there before Ray, he's shooting for late afternoon on Friday. But yes, they will be on the left, about where the pavement ends. No need to post the CB channel, unless its OTHER THAN ch-1. See ya Sat.!

Well I bought myself a nice digital camera for Christmas so I'll try to get that picture of them together and I can make a poster of it at work. Alright, well, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Bill, Collin and Kevin, thanks for a great New Years! We had a fantastic time celebrating the new year under the California stars.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks.



To all

We had a great time out there (as usual) with all of you. I'm not sure how that whole "Colin is going first" thing got started, but I guess I don't mind.

I know you are even happier with your truck now that you got the lockers in there. I couldn't believe how much they really help.

I was dissapointed I didn't see any bean and rice burritos this trip. and I'm not sure if Ray is on this board or not but, I must say tht Bronco is quite a truck. Once he figures out the carb. thing, it's going to be unstopable.

I'll see you guys again in 2 weeks, WHATCH OUT FOR SINKHOLES!!Dead Link Removed

Do any of you guys have pics?

What a Blast!!!

I had a great time this weekend and am looking forward to the actual T-Haven in 2 weeks.

Colin, yes the lockers make it a whole mew truck. We(Bill, Rick, and myself) did a really cool night run Sunday through the ditches and I had a blast until I found out Rick was in 2 wheel drive until the real twisty part. Thanks Bill for leading that, it was great.

As Rick pointed out just before we left, he is not the only w/ body damage. I took something, not sure when or where, just behind the rear drivers door by the handle. Oh well, adds character.

Glad to put a face w/ the infamous CHAR! Next time, actually throw them on the fire.

Hey, did anybody that was there happen to pick up my axe that was hanging around the woodpile?