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New york


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October 6, 2003
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New York
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1997 sport
hello i live in new york and was wondering if anyone know where we can go mudding at? there is no place around where i live

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Most travel to NJ or PA. Although it'd be cool to have one in NY so I don't have to travel so far to meet members here. :)

I hear you my friend. Connecticut has no places to go offroading, unless you are driving ATVs or dirt bikes and NJ and PA are a little far for me to travel :(

well i live in western NY....and i know alot of places one has a place...deemed "THE MOTHERHOLE" it is believed to be about 35+ ft long and an unknown depth...but i can say it has swallowed at least three trucks i have seen...
"when and if you think you can conquer "THE MOTHERHOLE" you better have speed screws on your license plates, so you can keep your plates when it sinks"
EDIT: what i mean by swallowed is the truck goes down...and you it exists no more...basicly the roof is under the mud. were talkng the kind of mud that will steal your shoes...before you ask, i dont think i have even seen this hole dried out...EVER
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