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Newbie 1994 XLT 4.0 liter engine noise.


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November 1, 2008
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Thomasburg Ontario
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94 XLT
Hi!I have a 1994 Ford Explorer with the 4 liter V-6.At Highway speeds I am noticing a rattle to the engine when I accelerate.The engine does not do it if I sit still and rev the engine up or if i am driving around town.Just on the highway at highway speeds.
Thanks Ron!!!!!!!!!!!

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It sounds like the engine is pinging. Mine used to do the same thing, usually going up a hill on the highway. It could be caused by a number of things including a vacuum leak, carbon buildup, oil/coolant leaking into the cylinder etc. Do a search for pinging for more information.

Welcome to this forum! Does it sound like the timing chain?

Mine does the same thing, but if I gradually get up to speed I don't really hear that rattle. If I floor it, then I hear it. I am in denial I guess that it might be the timing chain tensioner because I am terrified of the cost to fix it. So I just get up to highway speed gradually and baby it. Then I hope for the best!

is the sound coming from under the hood? If it's not, it could be a loose heat shield on the exhaust....mine rattles like crazy when the engine is lugging and it's the exhaust pipe just barely hitting a heat shield.

Well one thing you can do is put a can of BG 44k in the tank fill up with super 91 or 93 octane and run it down the interstate for about 5 miles each way,that will clean out the carbon and at least eliminate that possible cause.That stuff is awesome,I recommend it always.