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Newbie Here with a Brake Question....


April 27, 2006
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I am new to this board. I can't believe all the great information. I experienced a problem yesterday changing my rear rotors. I have a 2002 XLT V6 4*4.

I had a terrible time trying to remove the wheels. Sounds wierd but one wheel took me over an hour to remove from the vehicle. I had to use a crow bar and a rag and pry it off the rotor. I failed at removing the other rear wheel on the other side of the vehicle. Any suggestions/tricks on removing the wheel to service ther rotor and brake pads

I have read on here that to remove the rear rotors you first have to adjust the EBrake since its dragging on the inside of the rotor and there is a groove worn in it. Then bang the rear rotor off with a sledge.

How do you adjust the ebrake?


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To assist in removing the wheel - put a SMALL amount of penetrating oil around the center of the hub where the rim meets the hub and let it soak in for a day or so. Many times this rusts and binds the two together - especially if the wheels aren't removed frequently. Thoroughly clean the rust off once the wheel is removed and it will be easier next time.

To adjust the e-brake - there is a rubber grommett on the bottom inside of the dust shield. Remove it and use a screwdriver to turn the spur. Once you get the wheel back on, turn the spur until its contacting (pad is against the drum) and then back it off 3-4 teeth.


I guess I didn't wait long enough for the PBBlaster to work. Damn ***** getting the wheels off the vehicle.

I usually sit on the floor and use both feet to kick the top of the tire when it wont come off. Some folks suggest loosening the lug nuts (a little) and rolling forward, then hitting the brakes. Never tried it. Not sure how hard it is on the studs.

BTW, in addition to the PB Blaster sometimes a wire brush (on a drill) around where the disc mates with the axle helps.

Rubber grommet????

Didn't find any rubber grommet with the adjuster wheel behind it.....still very confused....old rotors are still on.