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Newbie: Jensen UV9


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September 19, 2009
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Just purchased UV9 online, also purchased a dash kit (Metra 5026) How to install? Just plug stock harness into stereo??? Or will I need something else?

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did the dash kit include the wiring harness? Most of the time they don't. Make sure you get it, and it is different if your Explorer had premium sound or not.

That will take care of most of the connections but since your unit has a screen, there's going to be a couple of other connections you'll have to make yourself, like the parking brake wire and such.

To remove the existing radio, you need to get removal tools from a car audio or electronics place, or even Walmart or BestBuy

Thanks but I have an 03 if that helps, and no it didn't come with a harness. Can I just not install the parking brake and do the override?

not being a smartass, but at the e-brake. should be able to post up a wire color tomorrow

looks like it should be light green with a red stripe at the e-brake