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Newbie.. Need Help with the OBD2 connection


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June 22, 2021
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Tucson AZ
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2004 Ford Explorer V8
I purchased this 2004 Explorer V8 (limited) on Saturday, I went to go get it emission tested and the OBD2 was loose and the tech was not going to touch it. Come to find out it seems that the previous owners spliced one of the wires, as seen below. What is the best solution for this? Just buy a replacement OBD2 with the harness?
OBD reader is not connecting, cigar lighter is working so I don't think its a fuse.

Thanks for all the help, I am located in Tucson AZ, so if you know of anywhere to buy parts with the exception of auto parts store/dealer Id appreciate the input, I bought the car down in Rio Rico quite a trek home, seems like this might be the only issue :)

Thank you!!




Welcome to the Forum. :wave:
I think the first thing I'd do is to try and find out why the wire was spliced.