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Newbie questions/cargo liner/trash bag


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August 31, 2011
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Southern California
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2003 Ford Exlplorer XLS
Hi Folks! First post...

Just bought a 2003 Explorer XLS in great condition.

I have need of (2) accessories and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or experiences.

I'm a working professional drummer and have to load, haul and unload my drums in cases just about every week. I'll be folding the seats down to do so.

I'm looking to get a cargo liner. I'd like the liner to actually cover the back as well as the folded seats to protect the carpet and seat upholstery. Since I've never shopped for one of these, I'm not sure what to buy.

Do cargo liners come in a size that would cover both the cargo area and the seats? If not, then what would some of you suggest? I''ll be folding the seats back up to cart people around so it would help for it be somewhat flexible. All tips and suggestions are appreciated.

I also need to get some kind of trash bag accessory that won't get in the way. I used to use the ash try in my old Pathfinder for the occasional gum wrapper or ATM receipt but there is no ash tray in the Explorer (thankfully) I'd like something with a bit more volume that might hold more than a wrapper or two that isn't in the way. Again, any suggestions are appreciated.

TIA for all comments