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newbie to hella 500's

basically i got some hella 500's second hand and wired them very close to standard specs with a wiring kit that i baught the only differnece is that i have a 2A fuse as well as a 15A fuse in the wiring and its wired to the parking lights....the weird thing is that this setup has worked for me for the last 3 months no problem...but yesterday i went to firestone to get a new set of tires and now it doesnt work.....i checked the switch thats fine because it still lights up.....the relay is giving a clicking noise when i switch it on and off, i never noticed that before and i have multiple spare relays i tryed that on and all do it.....i blew the 2A fuse like 4 times but finally its not blowing any more....the 15 A fuse looked a little worped so i changed it for a new one for the hell of it and all the wire connects seem to be fine as well do all the grounds ....the only thing i can think of is that the wires are fried (but isnt that why the fuses are there i.e. protection from that ) or maybe the kit i baught has cheap wires and they finally went ....please help this has been driving me crazy for the last two nights

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Have you checked the bulbs?

i checked the bulbs and everything seems to be in tack....i could understand if one blew but i dont think both would go at the same time.....alec did your X ever sell at the vw dealer?

Maybe one of the wires is shorting somewhere.

Splat disappeared after it sold on Ebay.

so do you suggest that i just buy new wirring maybe something thicker and start over??? what does the relay making that noise mean too?

A clicking relay usually means it's working.

Get a test light, start somewhere, and work your way around to see where the fault is.