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Newbie to rocker panel repair/replacement...


March 29, 2009
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Oil City, PA
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1997 Explorer XLT
Finally did some poking around at a rust spot near my running boards yesterday, and found out that my rocker panels are rusted up pretty good. I have been reading a few posts on here about replacing them, but I just want to get everybodies input on what I need to replace. From what I can tell, I will need an inner and outer rocker panel, and also the dogleg. Tell me what you think.

Question: What is a good site to get both the inner and outer rocker panel and the dogleg? I see sites selling some, but not all of those.

Hopefully this task just looks intimidating and I don't end up paying somebody to do it...

I would have a body shop do the work (or at least a friend with experience). This kind of body work is pretty involved. If you have the tools, then go ahead and tackle it. Use a MIG welder instead of flux core wire. You will get a much better weld (don't ask me how I know), Call a company called Mill Supply for replacement metal parts, or LMC truck. And if you don't have an air chisel, you can drill out the spot welds. There is a special drill for that. You may have to call Eastwood for it. Eastwood also sells a rust converter to spray inside frame rails that should work real well to keep the rocker from rusting out again after you are done with the replacement.