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Newbie with an electrical and horn problem


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July 20, 2006
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Sheboygan, WI
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'94 Limited
Hi I'm new to this board. I've had a 94 X Limited since 95. Today the strangest thing happened to the car. Car started no problems, I hit the turn signal and the horn started to go off like crazy. It did not sound like the Alarm with 1 second blasts, but more like a really fast blasts..5 a second or so. While the car ws doing this the lights also turned on and off with the horn...including the radion display, the overhead display and the license plate lights. If I hit the horn on the steering wheel column it would prevent the blasting, but then the horn sounded constantly. After a few minutes this stopped. My husband disconnected the horn so that I wouldn't be driving around with the blaring but the click click click of the horn wanting to sound and the flickering of the electrical continued intermittenly for for the rest of the day. It also did this after we turned the car off, twice, but then it sstopped. Please help. I am stumped. We pulled the horn fuse, but that did nothing. We took off the steering wheel cover thingy, checked the wiring, didn't notice anything obvious, made sure the horn wires were connected.

This is not the only problem with the car but I can live with out cruise control, and a light in the dashboard.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be????

Please help ASAP because I need to drive the care to work tomorrow.


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Does the vehicle have a factory or dealer installed alarm?

It is a factory installed alarm. The only after market items on it are the foglights put on about 10 years ago.


Sounds like the alarm brain is crapping out. Or the wiring to it. I'd take it to an alarm shop & have them disconnect it or install a new 1.

Mebbe signal light switch.

Thanks for the replies. I spent all night worried, went out this morning and all was fine. But if it happens again, then I will take it into an alarm shop.