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Newbie XM question (long)


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July 20, 2004
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New Berlin Wisconsin
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'04 Sport Trac
I just picked up my '04 Sport Trac and would like to add an XM radio to the sound system. I have done it in two other cars and the problem always is where to pick off the 12 volt power. New cars have the feature where when the key is turned off, the radio stays on until a door is opened, so simply hooking the XM to the "accessory" fuse does not follow that protocol. The XM turns off and the radio stays on, playing static. I've tried to test the connector at the back of the radio (Stock Pioneer 6 CD) but cannot find a wire that switches with the door opening. In one of the other installations (a corvette), I wired into the accessory delay relay. In the other, the radio had a switched wire in one of the harnesses.

What's the solution in the '04 Sport trac? I can read a wiring diagram but have been unable to find one for that model / radio.


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I would almost suggest running an entire new 8ga from the battery to your dash/console area, fused at 30A with a fuse holder. Well enough power for it, and you can relay it all you want if you want. It's real easy, and would give you fresh power, not having to piggyback off other wires. I have 2 8ga wires running around the truck to power my inverter, FM modulator, LCD screen, Xboxl, neons, etc- It's very useful.

That's my honest suggestion. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply

:thumbsup: I did end up doing something similar by running a wire from fuse 39 in the under-hood fuse box to the modulator. That way, the modulator (and XM system) is switched on and off exactly the same way the rest of the audio system is switched. I wanted to be sure that there was no drain on the battery when everything was switched off. Wiring direct to the battery bypasses all of that "automatic" stuff. :chug:

That's why you would have to relay it if you did a brand new wire from the battery. :)

I was able to use a VOM and find the delayed 12v wire at the plug on the head unit. I don't remember the color but it was pretty easy to find... I just had to turn the key on, then off, then open the door several times while watching the meter.