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newby wanting to go wheelin'

Hey everyone, i am still a newby but i'm from southern illinois near st. louis. Any wheelin' events or even cruises let me know i'm sure to go! I'm driving a 93 black xlt on 33's and 9" of lift. Here's my site. my truck

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that's 9" of lift?


ExplorerDMB said:
that's 9" of lift?


i think that first page only has the 3" body lift and the last page has the 9"....

Nice ride though

I like the rig yeah i saw the first page and was like wtf is he talking about then the lat page......You need some 35's that is alot of fender gap with 33's

yeah, i just got the tires so i'm gunna wear 'em out then get some 35's. I need to get new fenders for the front since i cut the old ones to clear the 33's when i didn't have the suspension lift. other than that, she's almost done.(for now)

i like that headliner. Looks good with the contrasting colors of the trim panels, oh **** handles, etc...

thanks, i wanted black not "charcoal", but that's all the shop had. Surprisingly it was very easy to do.