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Newer auxiliary input adapter options


July 7, 2013
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2006 Ford Explorer
Hi everyone, I have a '06 Ford Explorer V6 EB and I am researching some options in making the stock radio auxiliary input work. I definitely understand this issue has been beaten into the wall hundreds of times, but I was wondering if you guys have some advice on a couple aux input interfaces that I have trouble choosing between. I know that the most popular option is the PIE FRD04-aux adapter, but I cannot find one anywhere (ebay, amazon, crutchfield, etc.), they are discontinued. Same goes for the PAC AAI-FRD04. The only two options (other than installing an aftermarket cd player) I found so far are made by Blitzsafe and iSimple. The radio serial number is: 6L2T-18C8-15BK if that helps.

The Blitzsafe interface link-

The iSimple ISFD531 interface link-

Basically, I would just like to know if any of you guys bought either of these aux adapters and if you've had positive results. I am not asking about how to install it or anything like that, I saw the posts in the forum, just mostly looking for some feedback or if they truly work in the factory radio. I really appreciate any input, everyone! Thank-you!

Most will work, but for $80, you can pick up a higher end head unit with an Aux/USB port in the front. Which makes more sense since sound quality from a new radio is far superior to stock head units.