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newer explorer 16inch wheels work on a 97 4wd?


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August 29, 2011
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Glendale AZ
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2010 Subaru Forester
Just wondering. Seen some on Craigslist, I need new tires anyway so if that size would work I might be able to save some cash.

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What are they off of?

If they are 16 inch off another Explorer they will go on. I put 16's on mine.

^they'll fit but it's the wrong back spacing.... If it came off a sport or sport trac then it'll be the same

My '97 Explorer Sport came with the 16 inch option....:thumbsup:

03 rims on my 98


Thanks, all.
The Explorer just got put on hold. We will not be getting the money for up to 6 months. Wife thought it was supposed to be this week.Could be one month, but might as well plan on the worst.
Of course I hit a deer with our Subaru last week, and now we are paying for a rental for 3 weeks. This was what I was trying to avoid by getting the Explorer going again.