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News Tip from Autosow Press.

Would you bye SAFETY Hitch Trim in Basic, XLT, and LUX. versions?

  • BASIC, No electronics, just visual appearence Trim?

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  • XLT, Some Electronics Locks and Unlocks?

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  • LUX. Hitch Trim with everything ?

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  • Expect a Dealership Logo on it?

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News at NADA

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January 10, 2002
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2002 Limited

Hey if any of you are going to the show end of Jan. 02 week before the Superbowl in New Orleans, I got a tip from DET. Autoshow Press.

A new Product Category we can all use is to hit the market by D.D.E.S. DELPHI Delco Electronics Systems for all our Explorers, ( called codeword ) ( H.T.M.) stands for "Hitch Trim Modules "designed to cover all our ugly hitches sticking through our rear bumpers, ( mine is already rusting ) and H.T.M. coveres them with permanent hitch receiver trim. But you can tow just like before. I guess it's a no-drill, Snap-on, anti-theft modular attchment for the whole industry. But, all the outside Hitch trim for all make and model vehicles will look factory match with fun inside stuff like: Sensors, HitchCam's,Tow packages all of it with logo's pre-installed into the (H.TM.) -Hitch Trim Modules. It is not very often a product hits the market we can all use and want, no matter what vehicle we have. This thing sounds like a home run.

I can't wait to get one and have my cool V8 ford emblem on it. I guess they will be improving safety program as well with H.T.M. in mold tow restriction stickers that rub off the traditional hitch. And, also have a fold down "Step" we can use. All the Hitch Trim Modules LOCK and UnLOCK with the vehicle door locks and keyless entry to keep the kids out out of this new glove box for the ugly hitch receiver.

Good nows! No more of those ugly hitch cover Logos and Hitch steps that go into the Hitch Reciver. Now we get permanenet Hitch Trim Modules.

Check it out at National Auto Dealers Association Show in New Orleans end of Jan. 02. I AM for sure and will brite back w/ photo's.

I Love DELPHI, Guess that's why they are No.1 leader and automotive supplier. GO BYE DELPHI Stock. I AM.

Thanks DELPHI from all us. :bounce: