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Next naches trip?

hope everyone make it home safely, as always a great group to wheel with:chug:

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Yep, I got home about 9pm Sunday. What a great trip. There's nothing like getting lost and trying to find your way back. That can sometimes be more fun than running known trails and obstacles.

Since you were lost, you probably don't know where you were but,,,where do you think you were when you were lost?

Speaking of lost,,,,,,,,,,

has anyone found Paul??

He's MIA. :(

Was a good weekend.
Luckly my hydroboost did not start to leak untill I got home, I doubt that it would have been fun coming down the pass with weak brakes.

Ran up the Powerline Trail to Ravens Roost Friday for the "Prize" at the top

I had a good time, thanks everyone!


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more good times...


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trying to find shoestring...


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Yeah, we took a wrong turn somewhere, ended up on Manastash ridge heading toward Quartz Mountain. Ended up on some fire road that would have dumped us out way out on a main road, but found another trail that led us back to Shoestring.

has anyone found Paul??

He's MIA. :(

Found him!! Well he checked in anyway. :cool:

At least he is still in the 'States', just not Washington STATE. :rolleyes: