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Next project vehicle?

I want a mid-size 4 door SUV to drive when my 2000 Sport is being modified. I was planning to purchase a 2000 4 door Explorer with the SOHC V6 to take advantage of what I've learned, spare parts and my SCT PCM programming software package. However, I realized that at my age my next project vehicle will probably be my last. I've always been partial to DOHC engines since I purchased a 1958 Jaguar XK-150 in 1965. A recent thread: '02 limited 4.0 to 4.6 dohc swap has captured my interest. I didn't know that the Aviator came with a DOHC V8 engine and was based on the 3rd generation Explorer. Since I don't like the looks of the Aviator front or the 500 lb weight disadvantage I've become very interested in swapping an Aviator engine into an Explorer. My long term objective would be a fairly quiet rear wheel drive 3rd Gen with a DOHC 4.6L V8 stroked to 5.0/5.1L and possibly forced induction.

I'm aware that the 2002 Explorer is probably the most complained about Explorer ever. Most of the complaints are associated with transmission failures. I could use some help researching which 3rd generation Explorer would be the best project vehicle.

I think the 5R55W and the 5R55S were possible transmissions. Were both used with the 4.6L? If so, is one more robust than the other?

Which transmission was installed in the Aviator with the DOHC 4.6L?

I've started another thread about the planned engine: DOHC 4.6L V8 build

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The filter is on the driver's side, but the throttle body faces forward and slightly to the driver's side. So throttle body to maf orientation is nearly the same as an explorer setup. That picture shows the bottom of the tube. One of those ports might be for the factory blow off valve. I think they have a small bov but I am not for sure. I know the cobra setup does. Also, why don't you like the eaton blower?

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Eaton blowers

This photo shows the inlet tube has the ports down.

And this photo of your 2002 shows the stock air filter enclosure.

The angle of the inlet tube might be about right and it has a flexible capability to adjust the angle some. I'd have to modify the top of the air filter enclosure to accept the larger size and mounting configuration of the Lightning MAF sensor but there is sufficient height and depth for that. If there is enough room for a reducer and a coupler I could use the Explorer stock MAF sensor until I add the supercharger.

As I explained in an earlier post I think the Eaton blower type generates excessive heat compared to a Kenne Bell type or turbocharger. The intercooler for my M90 is just a heater core and probably a standard type intercooler would be more effective but the IATs are so high that I have to reduce timing to avoid detonation with premium gas on only 6 psi of boost.

I must have missed the eaton blower post. I would agree, the kenne bell setup is an improvement. I still haven't posted an updated photo of my intake tube. It turned out pretty decent. If I can find a lower intake for my heads, I might put a blower on, if not, I will just plan on a turbo setup. I have a brand new set of 65lb injectors just sitting there.

Mach 1 stock throttle body?

I'm having trouble determining if the Lightning inlet tube is compatible with the Mach 1 stock throttle body. From what I've read so far the Mach 1 stock throttle body was an oval twin 57 mm unit. Accufab sells an oval twin 60 mm unit to replace the stock unit

and BBK sells an oval twin 62 mm unit.

I assume the oval all have the same external dimensions.

Edit: Accufab and BBK sell oval twin 65 mm units for the Lightning and the stock unit was a dual-bore 57 mm throttle body. I'm going to take a chance and assume the Lightning and Mach 1 ovals have the same dimensions and order a Lightning inlet tube.

I found a video about installing an aftermarket CAI on a Lightning and learned there is a intake pressure port, a port for the IAC valve, a PCV port to the passenger side valve cover and a port for an IAT sensor. The Lightning 90 mm MAF sensor has no integrated IAT sensor. I'm surprised that there is an IAT sensor in the intake. Maybe there is another in the blower manifold. As I recall the blown Cobra has two IAT sensors.

exhaust manifold studs

My new exhaust manifold studs arrived yesterday so I was compelled to remove the old rusted and in one case broken studs from the heads. I had sprayed the broken one with P B Blaster earlier. There was enough exposed threads left to install two nuts with a locking washer between them. I locked the two nuts against each other and then carefully backed out the stud with a wrench applied to the inner nut. On the unbroken studs I just used the nuts and a 5 mm hex socket applied to the end of the stud. I was able to remove all of the studs. I won't install the new studs until later since it is much easier to clean the exhaust gasket remains without the studs.

I've decided to acquire all of the parts to assemble an entire 4 valve long block that includes wiring harness, oil pan and water pump. Today I ordered a 4V balancer after learning that it differs from the 2V balancer. According to the supplier the 4.6L is neutrally balanced but there are three different 4.6L balancers. The heaviest one is recommended for vehicles with automatic transmissions. My local salvage yard says they trash the oil pick up tube and windage tray so I may end up having to purchase new ones. Today I ordered a set of used valve cover fasteners and COP coils and oil pan fasteners. I won't purchase the locally available Aviator fuel rails until I get a Mach 1 intake manifold so I can test fit the two. I probably won't purchase any stock injectors. I've read that when they sit unused for years they seize and have to be professionally cleaned to be reliable. I'd rather spend that money toward new higher flow injectors. I'm pretty happy with the Deka IV 60 lb/hr injectors I installed in my Sport even though I was unable to tune them using just slopes so I may get a set for the 4V engine. Then I won't have to upgrade if I ever install a blower.

I won't get my shop manuals until late next week so no engine disassembly until at least then. I checked for bent rods but didn't see any. So far I haven't found any broken off bolts left in the engine or any stripped threads. I have not tried to rotate the crank because the top of the engine was on the tune-up shop floor for 6 months uncovered with ports open and no valve covers. I've used a wand magnet to pick up half a dozen needle bearings I found in the heads and the valley between. I haven't tried to remove the spark plugs yet. The spark plug well is a tight fit and I'll probably invert the engine and blast the wells with air before removing the plugs. I'd like to rotate the crankshaft and check compression but it's probably not worth the risk if I decide to bore and stroke the engine.

Sounds like you are moving along nicely. I'll get that oil pan and pickup tube boxes up for you in a day or two. I didn't know the balancer was different, I almost used the explorer balancer. You should look into the 2013 Shelby gt500 fuel injectors. They are 62 lb/hr and I paid $19 each for them from a ford dealership. I'll get you the part number when I get back to work.


$19 each is way less than I paid for the Deka IVs. I'll check into them. If I win the Mach 1 I'm bidding on I'll have a set of 24 lb/hr injectors. Do you have any other parts I might use? I need a oil dipstick and tube. I'll gladly pay for the parts plus shipping.

I plan to pull the freeze plug from the rear of each head and install something for flow thru cooling.

I have a dipstick and tube from my 2v 4.6l. The dipstick handle is broken, but it is just held on with a roll pin. Go ahead and check on the injectors, I forgot to get the pn, well I guess no one will be open until Friday anyway, so I will get it then. I do have 6 of those injectors in my toolbox, still in the package. That $19 was my employee price. If you are interested, I can just get 2 more and sell you a complete set for what I have in it. If you buy these injectors, I'll throw the dipstick and tube, and oil pan and pickup in for free, all for $160 shipped. It will be a while before I do my forced induction setup, I can always buy more of these.

Shelby GT500 injectors

From what I've found on the internet the 2007 thru 2012 Shelby GT500 had Ford/Bosch 47 lb/hr injectors. The 2013 thru 2014 Shelby GT500 had Ford/Bosch high impedance EV14 55 lb/hr @ 39 psi injectors. The Ford part number is DR3Z-9F593-A which I have confirmed with Tasca parts database. My concern will be the minimum pulse width since either injector will support at least 550 bhp @ 39 psi. I had to drop the Deka IV pulse width below the specified min pulse width (1.39 ms) to 0.2 ms for an acceptable idle. According to the Advantage III value file for 55 lb/hr injectors the min pulse width is 0.000400 (.4 ms) so they shouldn't be a problem if they are the same injectors as used in the newer Shelby GT500. I haven't been able to find on the internet the calibration summary for the newer Shelby GT 500 injectors.

Oops, they are 55lb/hr I could have sworn they were 62. Sorry about that.

physical configuration?

Are they the long or medium length? Are they the correct length for the Aviator fuel rails? Will they fit in the intake manifold? Do their connectors mate with the Explorer connectors? I found a drawing of their physical dimensions.

Now I need to find the dimensions of the Aviator injectors (PN ?????) to compare to.

Of the top of my head, I know they are the same connector as the explorer. I am pretty sure they are the same length as the explorer injectors as well, but I couldn't even remember the flow rating.

Explorer injectors

The length of the Explorer injectors doesn't matter to me because I will hopefully be using the Mach 1 intake manifold with the Aviator fuel rails. What matters most is the length of the Aviator & Mach 1 injectors compared to the EV14 medium length GT500 injectors. It looks like the Mach 1 uses the long length EV6 (USCAR) injectors so the GT500 injectors won't work with the Mach 1 fuel rails: Mustang Fuel Injector Overview. I suspect the Aviator also uses the EV6 configuration but will have to confirm. Motorcraft CM5183 is a replacement Aviator fuel injector and it appears to be the EV6 configuration.

Edit: After more searching on eBay I found a set of new Ford Racing 47lb injectors (M-9593-LU47) listed as EV14 that are supposed to fit in 1999-2001 Cobras, 2003-2004 Mach 1s and Marauders. However, when I checked the part number on Ford Racing's website the injector is listed as long length (EV6) instead of EV14. According to Ford Racing just the GT500, the Ford GT and the 3V supercharger kits use the medium length (EV14) injectors. Is it too late for you to return your GT500 injectors to the dealer?

I think the only difference in the harness is the 4.6 has 1 cam sensor and the 5.4 has 2

No, that is basically the same as the explorer harness. The 4v harness has the coil connectors in a seperate section. The 2v has the coils next to the injector harness.

bought the wiring harness

Thanks. The seller accepted my offer of $85 with free shipping.
I'm having trouble finding a 2002 or 2003 with 2WD, V8 and a very good body in the local area for less than $4,000. Most of the vehicles have the 4.0L and the 4.6L seems to hold up much better so there are very few in poor mechanical condition. I may have to settle for a vehicle in good running condition and try to recoup some of the initial cost by selling the engine.

That's great! I didn't know you were looking for a 2wd, but I guess since you live in SC, snow isn't that big of an issue for you. Also, don't worry about me returning my injectors, they have been in my toolbox for over a year. I will use them someday. I am sure an explorer that fits your needs will turn up eventually.

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oil filter adapter?

Luke, did you use the oil filter adapter that was on the Mark VIII engine or did you use the one from the 2 Valve?
I found a photo of the Mark VIII adapter.

It looks like there's an oil port at the end of the casting that I could connect to an external electric oil pump or an oil pressure gauge.
I remember reading that the aluminum blocks usually have an external cooling path across the front of the engine. I guess it's the horizontal tube in front of the alternator in the photos below.



If you used the MK VIII oil filter adapter were there any clearance issues with the oil filter? I installed remote oil filters on my Sport but may need the room in the lower front for a large intercooler heat exchanger.