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Next step for a 5r55w.


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January 22, 2004
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'05 XLT V8
Have an OD light flashing. Per the forum I've changed the solenoid pack, (filter) and refilled. OD light still flashing. Attempting to read the code. My code reader (programmer) will only read codes with engine off then turn the key on without starting the engine method. The code is apparently cleared and not being saved as when the codes are searched the reader sees no codes displayed.

while driving I can feel all five gears. With OD locked out she runs through four gears. So;

1. How do I read the code in this case?

2. Since I can feel all five gears, is there a torque converter lockout at the top of the shift set? I thought would feel this in fourth gear with OD locked out and in OD.

Thanks y'all..

Oh.. this is not a good sign... Anyone??

Shift Sequence

My 5R55S, which is essentially the same as 5R55W, shifts 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, Torque Converter Clutch (TCC), then, 4-5 (O/D) last. You can tell the TCC shift by watching the tachometer. If TCC is NOT ENGAGED, very slight increase in throttle will show rpm increase on tach. If TCC is ENGAGED, very slight throttle increase will show NO rpm increase. If too much throttle is added, this FORCES the TCC to unlock, if it was already engaged. Also, if throttle is removed while TCC is engaged (foot off gas pedal), TCC will UNLOCK within 2 seconds, tach will drop, showing wheels are driving the engine THROUGH the torque converter, adding to engine braking..

Under minimum throttle acceleration (that is, only enough throttle to bring vehicle up to speed and shifted through ALL gears into O/D), the TCC lock-up will appear as about a 300 to 400 rpm drop on the tach., before 4-5 shift occurs. Just then, before 4-5 shift occurs, is when the TCC "test" described above may be tried. The 4-5 shift will drop tach. additional 500 or more rpms.

A downshift occurring with constant throttle while cruising speed of about 55, when say, a steep hill is encountered, will shift 5-4, O/D down to 4th. gear, while TCC will remain ENGAGED, unless LOTS of additional power is needed. At 55, with typical gearing, 3.73, the cruise rpm may be about 2000, which will jump to about 2600 when the 5-4 downshift occurs. 5-4 AND TCC unlock will raise rpm to 2800 or more. If you experiment a bit with this, you can get a pretty good "feel" for how these shifts are programmed to happen.