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NHTSA to Mount Closer Study of Ford Electrical Qualms


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NHTSA studies wiring in 1 million Ford vehicles

Automotive News

WASHINGTON - Nearly 1 million Ford Motor Co. cars would be recalled if a federal investigation finds that instrument panel electrical problems in Ford Contours and Mercury Mystiques and Cougars are a safety defect.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is stepping up its investigation of the cars to resolve that question. NHTSA upgraded the case from a preliminary evaluation to the more intense level of engineering analysis.

The company and the agency together have collected more than 2,100 complaints about overheating or burning of electrical wiring, switches or resistors connected with the blower for the heater and defroster. The complaints include 93 reports of fires.

Ford told NHTSA it also has handled nearly 13,000 possibly related warranty claims.

The affected vehicles are from the 1995 to 1999 model years.

NHTSA officials said they believe the incidents create safety hazards by rendering defrosters inoperable, distracting drivers and, in extreme cases, exposing occupants to fumes and fire. They indicated that Ford said motor vehicle safety is not affected.
Whats everyone think of this?

wasn't there a member on the board that also had a weird "fire" in his explorer awhile back?? HUM....

Ford....you're starting to screw up again. That's a NONO

Yeah, it was James (Exploder99), I believe. Because I joked about it, telling him to let it burn so either the insurance or Ford would give him a new car.

Oh yeah I forgot about that...